Monday, August 15, 2016

Home made protein powder

I thought I would share my homemade protein powder recipe today.  What I will actually share with you is what I put in it and not specific Nutritional values.  I've spent a lot of time discovering what Steve and I can eat and I suspect I will have this as an ongoing project for the rest of my life.  If you are serious about changing and improving your health you will need to make a commitment of your time and effort into it.  I am not practicing medicine without a license or giving health care advice.  I am sharing what works for us  at an affordable cost hoping  that you might be inspired to find out what works for you and find control of your health.  Let me tell you, investing your time and energy into your health is so worth the effort, you are worth the effort!
I searched health food stores trying to find a protein powder that we could both eat.  It had to be Soy, Whey and  Casein free.  It needed to be organic and GMO-free.  Well, I did find one and an itty bitty canister was $54.00 which amounted to about 3.85 a serving and in an amount that would last us two weeks.  Okay, I didn't want to find a part-time job to buy this, if we purchased this product it would have cost an additional 108.00 a month.  So I make my own, I am not sure of the actual gram content of the protein in a serving, but it is more than what we need ( I have a rough idea).  I read the label of the expensive store brand and made a note of the ingredients and then processed my own seeds and grains.  The store brand did have a list of "herbal nutrients" I'm not too worried about those as a missing element - we take a multivitamin with a lot of herbals in it.
Here is what I use:
Brown, I wash the rice to remove any dirt or Lectins  - you need to do this for the Rice and the Quinoa then I bake it in the over to dry it out. Before I put it in the oven I give it a good splash of vanilla - this helps the flavor;

                                                                 Brown rice  about 6 cups

Vanilla about 1/4 cup

Quinoa 2 cups

Each of these go into the Vitamixer and are ground to a fine powder, I sift and grind again

Next, I grind blanched and dried almonds about 2 cups

Chia seeds, 1cup

Flax seeds, 1cup

I add  1/2 cup

                                                                             1/2 cup

Hint about Spirulina:  Stop breathing when you add this to your mix.  It is algae and smells like an irrigation pond.  But as smelly as it is, it is tasteless and a super, super food

1/2 cup

I throw it all in a bowl and mix it together.  once mixed it gets put in jars and dated

one scoop for each portion

for about $20.00 I will have enough protein powder for at least 3 months.

The taste is good, it is mild and nutty, it blends in a fruit shake or a cocoa/ mocha shake. No awful aftertaste, no chemicals,  High in proteins and Omega 3s' this is very energizing.

I encourage you to invest in your health:  Eat right, Eat real food, get Exercise and find time for Rest and Relaxation!

Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M 

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Maxine D said...

thank for this Ginny - I have passed this on to my daughter who has wide ranging health / allergy issues in her family. I think she may find this invaluable.

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