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Whole food cooking and true nourishment are an investment in time money and most important your health.  You can't just run to the frozen food section and grab  a half dozen lean cuisine and think you are set for the next week.  It takes effort, it takes practice. Chances are in your 21century kitchen you have many of the tools that will make this easier, you just don't know how to use them.  I know countless brides that have all kinds of cooking tools  that are buried under counters or stacked in storage, gals from 20-80. Unfortunately, cooking is becoming a thing of the past.  So isn't good health!  I won't go into the statistics on obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and autoimmune dysfunction, there is enough info easily available to just about everyone.  The problem is using the resources that are available.  I'm going to write this as though I was addressing a younger group. One that may not have had much time in cooking and householding.  I can't emphasize enough  that this is all about your health and how well you want to live. From a personal point of view, I have been plagued by Asthma, Arthritis and Allergies my whole life.  I have spent all of my adult life learning how to feed myself and my family and keep us healthy.  I don't have a degree in nutrition and I am not offering medical advice I am sharing my personal experience.  If I can do it anyone can! It is all about the want too.

To start one very important thing is where you shop and how you shop.  Stop buying processed foods.
Processed food are killing our health one chemical reaction after another.  Read your food labels, if you don't know what it is find out BEFORE you eat it.  I hear all the time, I can't afford to feed my family real food.  Yes, you can, but you have to educate yourself and your family as to what IS real food and then learn how to prepare it.  Next time you go grocery shopping before you check out, grab another cart and put every item that is processed into the second cart and see what you have left in the first one.  It might be scary.   Stay on the outside isles, you don't need cookies, if you have to have them, make a double batch at home freeze one half and portion the other.  I'm not advocating eating pine trees, I am saying learn how to cook real food.

Here is an excellent article on stocking a whole food pantry from Naturally Ella.  This blog is an excellent resource.

Tools an  the order of importance (I think)

Basics, Get a good set of knives.

Several cutting boards, I use a wood one for bread and several various types that are easy to clean for fruit and veg and one for meats.  The meat board goes in the dishwasher.

Buy the best pots and pans you can afford, my mother is still using her copper bottom revere ware pans she received as a new bride in the 50's.   I have a set of stainless steel that I purchased from Costco (I saved for a year to buy them) and after 10 years of heavy use they are like new.
I also have cast iron enamelware that I love, I bought one piece at a time, on sale, in a thrift store and on eBay.

Favorite appliances :  This isn't exactly an appliance, it is a Berkey water filtration system, We investigated systems and for our apartment,  this worked best.  We have filters for chemicals and heavy toxic metals (Floride)  Having clean food also means having clean water, for us that is a priority.  This system was 300.00 on Amazon.  I feel worth every penny.

The Vitamixer

I use this every day!  it is simple to use  easy to clean and super efficient.  I use it for everything from daily shakes to grinding  flours and  coffee.  

The stand mixer

This workhorse is also used just about every day, I have all the grinding, shredding , slicing attachments ( no need for a food processor) I use it as a traditional mixer and make bread doughs, pie crusts, pizza dough , pasta dough and then with the cutter attachment homemade pasta.

This is a modern old-fashioned cooking tool and I love it!
The pressure cooker! 

I also can but for everyday use, this is terrific.  

here is an example of how these things pay for themselves:

1 can of pinto beans 

I pay about 20cents for a pound of refried beans when I cook them.

Homemade Pasta 4 servings 45 cents.

Yes, I invest in time and effort,  it is totally worth it.  I feel having delicious Healthy food is a great [art of our day.  Please don't tell me you don't have time.  I worked full time and had a house full of kids and I did this!  My kids still love to come home and eat!!

Click here for a google link to health and nutrition and whole food cooking

                     By the Way, places like HSN and QVC offer payment plans on all of the appliances I've listed.  I understand they are very pricey, if you take care of your things they will last you a decade.  They will save you money and they will help you become more healthy!

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