Wednesday, October 18, 2017

How to Create a Lattice Cut and Distress Oxide Card

I'm probably not ever going to be the first person with a 'how- to' when new products come out.  I Love them from afar and that is just fine with me.  Why, because I have a significant investment in things like inks and paper.  My hope is to become proficient at one thing before I move on to the next. I kinda skipped the whole dye and stamps with matching dies trend. They take up to much room to store and time to use.  I am so glad I followed that path and waited for the Scan n'Cut  to be invented and then a little longer so that I could afford to buy it.  I also only own about 10 punches - butterflies and little flowers.  At one time I had a large collection, but because I bought a Cricut, I sold them! I don't own a package of prima type flowers and If I never bought another ribbon in my life, I'd still have way to much!  Why am I telling you this?  Well, because I never want to be a person that says buy, buy buy, just because it is out there.  I do want to say use it, use it, use it and learn more.  Learn more about what sets your creativity soaring, what makes you happy!  Buy the best you can afford, quality, not quantity. when you use quality products your art will always look better and you will feel better about what you are creating and in the case of cards, you will be proud to mail them off!

I said all that in part to say, I finally got my distress oxides out and made a card.  I really do like the Distress products and was excited to give my newish distress oxide inks a try.
They were fun and I think I need to watch a few more youtubes - I am not in love yet -I do love my regular distress inks and use them all the time!

I'll show you the card and you can decide if it will be worth reading the how-to.

I really like this quote!

Using my Cricut I cut a card from Anna Griffin Cartridge
I used a fine blade and opted not to score on the machine

This gave a beautiful sharp cut.  Some blacks cut with a raggy edge, not this one, smooth and clean!

Next, I double scored 1 mm apart - I use the Cricut Stylus for hand scoring - it works so well!

Next I splotched my oxide inks on my craft mats

Adding the water was pretty cool!

Next, I just laid my 120# Heavenly White in the wet ink and let it soak it up. Pretty easy! 

Let it dry. I colored my butterfly while this was drying

Using my needle nosed Best Glue Ever I dotted the glue on the  inside of the paper lattice

I slipped the dried Oxide background  and carefully placed it

And then put a weight on it to dry:

Anyone remember this guy?  He's survived 4 moves now!!

I created my sentiment panel from a bit that was left over from the base

Really beautiful cutting!

I hope you found this helpful and the quote inspiring!
If you are new to crafting, here are a few things that I think are must haves' - the rest will come with time.  When you give your self this time you will find you will evolve into a better crafter and not spend money on things you will never use.

Good Papers - it is the foundation of your art, I highly recommend Paper Temptress
3 cutters - one guillotine for multi sheets, one rotary cutter, and one travel size. I use a Tonic guillotine, large and travel size and a Genisis rotary trimmer.  I've been doing this for 40 years - these are the best cutters I have found for a reasonable price.
Good scissors, large and Itty Bitty - I like Tonic
High-quality inks - I use memento for alcohol coloring and Archival for watercolor
Distress inks and Memories
Coloring.  I use Alcohol pen, waterbased markers, watercolors, pastels, colored pencils
Ultra-fine sharpies - for touch up stamps
Misti Stamp tool

I hope you found this helpful and the quote inspiring!
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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Working with Stunning Digitals!

I am super happy to announce I will be working on the 2018 Gecko Galz Design Team!  I have been using Gecko Glaz designs for years and am very happy to showcase these high-quality digitals in my art and on my blog .  Beautiful high-quality designs at terrific prices, paired  with Paper Temptress Papers and The Best Glue Ever, along with your creativity and you will have stunning paper art in your favorite style!  I'm excited to be highlighting, Cards, Journals, Books ATC's and Tags!

My thank you for 

 stopping by:

Have a Great Day!
Ginny M

Monday, October 16, 2017

A little whimsy with Skipping Stones Designs and a Fun Blog Hop!

I have a fun card for you today and a great blog hop for more inspiration!  It's been a while since  I have done a blog hop, but this is a great way to mention I have a new team that I am a designing for:  Skipping Stones Designs is a fun company with fresh clear stamp images.  They got just about everything you need for your stamping stash and stamps with humor! With a new owner and a new Design Team, there will be lots of stamping fun! My card for today's blog hop:

I stamped my purses on bits of leftover papers
Added bling and glaze 
For the the background, I used ceiling paint with a stencil ( why not it is acrylic and I have about 10 gallons of it!)

 This is such a fun set!

Stamps sets I used: 

Don't forget the hop:

I always like to put a face to a name Here is the new team:

Ginny Maxam - you are here

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Ginny M

Friday, October 13, 2017

How to Create Beautiful Foiled Cards Without a Laminator.

Today I am making a card using foil and texture - without a laminator.  I love the look of foil on cards and am enjoying exploring this medium.  But I'm pretty lazy as a card maker and I don't want to purchase a machine or use my laminator to do the foiling. I am more than willing to use what I have on hand and that seems to be working very well.

Here is the card and if you are interested, the directions and product list will follow!

What you will need for this project:
Best Glue Ever
Perfect Crafting Pouch
Transfer Foils
Favorite Stamp
Ink/Coloring Toys
Basic Card Making Supplies
Embossing Machine

I select the stamp I want to use for the project, Todays' will be a sympathy card.
Picked out papers to work with the image
Foil color of choice - Silver

My foils are from ScrapPerfect, I find they are precut to the right size for my card making and come in beautiful color assortments.

Embossing folder, Embossing machine:

Here is my embossed paper
  The next step is to simply lightly rub a little Best Glue Ever over the raised embossed area and lay the foil (shiny side up) on top and lightly rub over with a tissue.  I let it dry.  Actually, I just cooked supper at this point. an hour later I gently lifted the foil:
 And I had a beautiful foiled surface; The trick is to let the glue dry! With the BGE, you don't need a separate foiling medium! One less thing occupying desk real estate!

This is the sheet after I pulled it off, This beautiful foil sheet will become a background on another card! Unfortunately, this is hard to photo!

Coloring for the image - I take my time doing this part and I enjoy doing those swatches.  They become a super reference for things in the future.  And I do use a color wheel.  I feel like I have good color sense but I am always working on enhancing my color use.  For this card, I fussy cut the stamped image by hand.

Again I hand cut a black border to give a contrasting definition with the strong background patterns.

right before I place my images on the card face, I give the card a light swipe with my perfect crafting pouch.  This will cause any glue not covered by the foil to stop sticking - I don't want my card sticking in the envelope!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial if you are like me at all you sometimes have to push yourself to try something new! 
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Word Art Wednesday!! And A Scripture Freebie

I am so thankful to be a part of Word Art Wednesday, Every other week we have a new challenge, A fresh devotion, a beautiful Scripture digitized and freely given for your card making and paper crafting! I don' think there is another blog like it!  MAke a card ( you can make up to 5) enter it in the challenge and you might win a super prize!  Don't forget to mail the card - I am sure you there is someone in your life that could use the encouraging.  I don't know anyone who doesn't love to receive a beautiful handmade card!

Here is my card:

Here is the Bible verse by Karen Murray!

I encourage you to join in, be blessed and be a blessing!
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Ginny M

Saturday, October 7, 2017

My Craft room

Don't we all just love a peek into craft room?  Here is mine; the space is in our basement, semi-finished and 24x30.  It is divided by the staircase

to the left of the staircase is the paper crafting side:

a giant cork board we purchased at a going out of business sale for $15.00  Card samples and ATC Collection.

Standing work area, storage

My coloring and computer desks:

Work table for myself and friends

card bases and 6x6 sorage along with solid card stock and my stash of Stampers Sampler Magazines.

designer paper 12x12 - Yes I like paper!

Electronic cutting and printing area - Love this counter it is deep enough for the machines to run the mats and for me to work on the mats

I have a separate Desk for correspondence and bulk paper storage - no more cards with ink all over the backs!

Next the right side of the staircase ( Steve built a beautiful stair case)

Cutting, Serging and Pressing

Steves Computer desk area ( we are side by side on this wall 20 feet apart)
And Gerard's bed, he has to be next to sSteve!
 Steves' study area

Steve Built this barn door, we'll stain it and I will use it for a quilting design board.

It leads to the garage and patio

It is wonderful to leave open when it's warm!

So that is my room, work, play and study. I am very thankful to have this space. It is humble but just what I need, It is always about what I do and not what I have.  
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by 
Ginny M