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The Start Up

In my last post I talked about  starting up with the 'Heartstrings' group again and making quilts for the homeless in Utica and sick children.  Since that post several weeks ago I have been super busy getting everything in place to start making.  I thought I would take you on a little tour of the start up. In anticipation of having others help me accomplish my goal, I have to organize and sort the ,material to make kits.  Each kit will make one quilt.  I found the last round this worked very well. After two weeks of cutting I have a start on the "strings" foundation blocks and center strings I sort by color family, this makes it very easy for me to create color coordinated kits Yesterday I picked up another 50 yards to cut into 2" strips know as Strings. Today I washed, tomorrow I cut. In several  generous donations of fabrics and blankets I have a stash of battings and backs.  The blankets will be used for batting.They get stored in lar