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Have you tried an InstaPot? Why I choose one and a delicious meal.

About a month ago I decided to add an Instapot to my kitchen arsenal.  I had been looking at alternatives to my Cuisinart electronic pressure cook and my little electric rice cooker.  The reason for the search - teflon.  Both of these appliances have teflon coated cooking pots.  It has been noted that teflon and such nonstick surfaces once they begin to break down, become a true health hazard!

"According to the Environmental Working Group, teflon and PFOA (which is the chemical used to make teflon) are some of the most persistent chemicals in the world. Their toxic legacy will outlive every one of us, and the next 25 generations of our offspring. Ironically, it may shorten each generation’s lifespan, as well. PFOA’s effects include liver damage, immune dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, and a decreased ability to fight infection"   If you would like to read the rest of this article, click here.

I haven't rushed into this, I have had both pots for 4+ years and I have been s…

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