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Using a Bigger Hammer or Fixing my Elna Diva

I mentioned in my last post about repairing my  beautiful 1990's Queen, the Elna Diva. I purchased this machine on Ebay knowing it might be less than perfect.  Ebay is about the only way you will find one of these rare ladies for sale.  My first was from Ebay and it was perfect, I resold it before a move . I had to make a choice and since this machine was 15 years older than my Janome and about the same amount of decorative stitches, I sold it for twice what I paid.  However, I missed it in Texas and bought another one.  Diva # 2 was okay, it had a few problems and I sold that one at the next move for parts and made my money back.  Three years later I came across another one on eBay "for parts - but may work - controls light up and needle goes up and down" 

So it was a risk.  I was top bidder and the machine came beautifully packed and sewed a perfect  straight stitch  and that was it.  You know that pit in your stomach feeling? 

These machines are rare and old, back in…

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