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My First EGA class: From Fail to Fun

In my last post I mentioned my joining the EGA and my first class; a Blackwork Pumpkin.  Today I am going to show you the results.
Embroidery is a generic term for a great many styles/types of needle work - I love it all but I don't want to stitch it all.   This class has clarified in my embroidery portfolio, I will never be accomplished at doing counted work.  Math is not my best friend, I only like it in small necessary doses. Counted Work ( Blackwork being part of that) requires counting and compensation, recounting and more compensation and I am not even going to try to explain that here - I am just a total flop at it.

I discovered with my pumpkin class once I got beyond the pumpkin out line I became totally lost in the counting and the compensation part.  I really have a new appreciation for my fellow stitchers who excel at this.  I love it, but not for me.

This is the pattern I traced you can see the stitches - along with the tracing parts, there are details stitch instructi…

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