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My First EGA class: From Fail to Fun

In my last post I mentioned my joining the EGA and my first class; a Blackwork Pumpkin.  Today I am going to show you the results. Embroidery is a generic term for a great many styles/types of needle work - I love it all but I don't want to stitch it all.   This class has clarified in my embroidery portfolio, I will never be accomplished at doing counted work.  Math is not my best friend, I only like it in small necessary doses. Counted Work ( Blackwork being part of that) requires counting and compensation, recounting and more compensation and I am not even going to try to explain that here - I am just a total flop at it. I discovered with my pumpkin class once I got beyond the pumpkin out line I became totally lost in the counting and the compensation part.  I really have a new appreciation for my fellow stitchers who excel at this.  I love it, but not for me. This is the pattern I traced you can see the stitches - along with the tracing parts, there are details stitch instr

Local EGA First Meeting of the Year and Loving Your Neighbor as Yourself.

The Mohawk Valley Chapter of the EGA had it first meeting of the 2019-2020 year, I felt so privileged to be there as a member.  Joining a local EGA ( Embroiders Guild of America ) has been something I have wanted to do for decades.  Either there wasn't a local chapter or I did not have the time to join - Now there is a local and I can sandwich the meetings into my day.  I am very thankful for this time in my life that I can do these kinds of things - I used to say "Someday". Today is that someday and it is such a pleasure to go and find new friends with like interests.  Today I received gifts as a new member and was able to take a class. Enjoy coffee and listen to a short lecture. A sweet Newbie gift, I picked the yellow one. Take s class on a new to me style of needle work : it may look easy - it isn't! Pick up a few goodies at the "White Elephant Table" I midnight project to get my name tag made: We are commanded to love our neig