Friday, July 28, 2017

Fun night with new stamping friends!

I had a fun night with new stamping friends working on Leftovers Cards.   Made me miss my old stamping friends even more!  Crystal, Jackie, Donna, and  Laurie!  time for a road trip!

There were several of us hiding from the camera too!

The "scrap" cards I made

I hope you have teh pleasure of sharing good times with good people too!
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Thursday, July 27, 2017

How to use an Embelli Gellie creating a vintage card and a freebie!

Hi everyone, I wanted to show you a fun little tool to help you work with small it's and embellishments, It's called and Embelli Gelli, it is lots of fun and easy to use and very economical!  Plus it is environment-friendly!

Here is the card I made with this low-tech, high-performance tool!

To help you make this card I have this freebie for you, it is not one of my originals, but I Know you will enjoy it!

For details, please read on!

I simply pulled stash paper:
one of my chopped 6x6 pads (from a 12x12)

few colors to pick from

I selected and printed and oops, this didn't work out too well!  
Time to reevaluate my paper. This obviously didn't work!

something a little heavier and less coated

Holding it all together - Best Glue Ever!

Ater cutting and assembling, the fun part - embellishing with the Embelli Gelli!

This fun tool will last so long, you just take a like "dip" of the gel and place it on the tip of the wood stylist (or you can use one of your fav pointy tools)

I place dots of the BGE on the paper where I want my embellishments, pick up the embellishment
and place it on the glue. simple and easy as can be!

I purposely add a tiny bit extra to it will come up through the hole in the sequin

and then add glitter!!

wait a minute or two:

I hope you'll have a few minutes to make your own vintage card, Using the Embellie sure makes it easier to add those tiny embellishments!
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Ginny M

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A little ATC fun and freebies for you!

I joined an online ATC 4 season  swap a few weeks ago, and frankly when it came time for me to make them I drew a complete blank!  Have you ever done that?
I really enjoy making Atc's and I really enjoy receiving them!

Here are mine:

I created my backs using designer paper in seasonal colors
 glued those on to the base board

Printed my design on heavy 48# vellum from Paper Temptress
it is a little hard to get a good photo of translucent vellum!

I held all the layers together and then added more glue with the fine needle tip for the letter glitter,
Of course, it's the Best Glue Ever! No curling or crumpling of the vellum

I also used this glue in the lettering detail for glitter 

If yu would like to make a set using these letters, 
I have them here for you to use, just right click and save!

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Ginny M  

Monday, July 24, 2017

Playing with my Cricut

I've started making cards kits again and this time I am getting my Cricut and Scan n' Cut involved.
There is definitely a learning curve  - I am using my computer and scanner and the two cutting machines.  Ever have an idea, you can see the beginning and the end, but the middle is a mystery?
Well I'm about knee deep in the mystery part.  Here are a few results from the Cricut:

My first Cricut card, I thought this was so cute and it only took me three attempts to get it right!  I know some people might think doing cards with cutting and not stamping is simple, It is not!

Of course, I used Best Glue ever to hold all those layers, including the lettering - love the ultra fine tip for that!

Next, I cut a piece of paper lace, just to see if I could!

I think this is pretty amazing and totally vilifies why I don't like using steel dies ( to much work)

Not sure which Side I will use, but both are beautiful.  This actually gives me an idea of how to use one-sided paper I don't like - we know there are usually many of those sheets if you buy stacks!

Here is a fun freebie for you today!
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Ginny M 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

A little weekend fun!

I've made new stamping friends here in CNY,   and had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours crafting with Arlene yesterday:  Here's what I made:

I made two of these and they are headed to my long time stamping friends in MA

and you can never have too many Birthday cards!

It is always a challenge to just pack up "stuff" and head of to craft - what stuff, how much stuff.  I always forget something and in this case my black liner paper so no problem, I'll use a black marker and ruler.  that works great as long as you didn't forget the ruler!  Oh well, a good stiff piece of card stock can become and emergency ruler!

I hope you are having some fun this weekend, doing what ever it is that refreshes you !Have a great rest of your day! 

Ginny M

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Word Art Wednesday and a beautiful bible verse digital stamp

Hi Everyone!  it is Word Art Wednesday time! Check out the blog and enjoy the devotion I wrote for this challenge and We also have some really awesome sponsors for our challenges!  Make a card, link up and join the fun!!

Here is my card for this challenge:

Our Beautiful verse created by Karen Murray: 

 This week’s beautiful scripture is one of the verses that become more precious as time passes.  I have been a Christian for most of my life, and understanding this verse and the power of the forgiveness of sin that it demonstrates graces my life more every day.  This verse guarantees that The Lord will erase the history of our sin for eternity in doing that He also creates a beautiful life for us now.  If you have never read this verse and are unfamiliar with the process of redemption that is for you and your loved ones, may I suggest you pick up a Bible and start reading?  Start with the Gospel of John and discover who Jesus is and ask him to help you understand the beautiful plan he has for your life!  Don’t wait, there is never a promise of tomorrow!

Thank you for stopping by!
Ginny M

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sketch challenge Paper info and a freebie!

This weeks Sketch challenge image came after I made a card for a very special friend.  It's going in the mail today and I hope it brings a smile.

Here is my card :

One thing I always stress in my card making is to  use the very best quality you can and when it comes to card stock this is especially true.  There are two things I never cut corners on - the base and what I print or stamp on.  When you use top quality papers, you produce top quality cards
Paper goes through a very complex process in its making and each paper has a different recipe which can include rags, fibers, wood pulp and all kinds of things you wouldn’t think goes into paper! Ever have problems with glue and adhesives? Here is why: if things aren’t processed correctly at the mill and this could mean a set of rollers out of sync, a drop in temperature in the pulp s, drying the damp sheets too fast before cutting or drying too slow, any number of things can cause the fibers in the paper to shift or warp. There is no way of knowing until the paper is cut. Paper from the mills is often sold in 23x44 lots, from there the paper is cut to order by the print shop or whole sale distributor. All is still well until the paper is used, adding the additional moisture of inks and or glues with cause the fiber in the paper to react,( if it is a good batch of paper it will remain nice and flat if it is a bad batch it curls). Cheaper papers use fewer fibers per square inch.   I said all that to say my choices for bases and printing are well researched! My go to for printing and Copic coloring is Heavenly white 80# and for bases Heavenly White 120# - for good reason each piece produces expected and perfect results. these papers hold my adhesives and score perfectly.  Ever have an edge fold that wrumples?  That has to do with the grain cut and the processing of the rollers.
Here is my card made from both the heavenly white papers:
I have found that they heavenly white 80# prints beautifully on my Canon Pixma printer ( a 50.00 printer!) and wonderfully with alcohol marker coloring. for this reason, I keep a stack cut into quarters on my desk and by my printer - always on hand!  Most of my cards have a lot of color saturation so I really need to have top quality paper.
Here is the sketch:
And for you a freebie:
I hope today's dialog on paper helps you in your paper making choices.  I love it when people tell my cards "even feel good"!  Quality Counts!
HAve a great day, Ginny M

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Sketch challenge and a Poppy freebie!

My Sketch challenge at 'Christian Card Makers group was fun this week and for me easy, I think I am more prone to liking working with rectangles.  This week I created the challenge from a card I made last year:

which I turned into this for my craft room
This is a favorite verse

I then turned it into all these cards to coordinate with the craft rooms of  group members at Christian Card Makers who participated in a "show your craft room" challenge

That was a lot of fun for me! Each of these is 5x7.

Here is the sketch if you would like to give it a try

I also have a summer freebie for you that would work with this sketch:

I hope you are enjoying your summer!  We are busy with our new home and settling into our NY life.
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by
Ginny M