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Head'n West!

For the Next few weeks I'll be taking a break from blogging.  We'll be saying 'see you soon' to our  wonderful family and friends, then taking our road trip to our new home and new job in San Antonio! Keeps us in your prayers, we are trusting this is the will of God for this season of our lives!

Word Art Wednesday and still packing

I haven't dropped off the planet, I am just super busy packing and taking care of a million things in preparation of our move! We're leaving in just a little over two weeks and Still lots to do! I am still trying to get a bit of card making done, but since My stuff is about 85% packed it is getting a little more difficult.  I had to actually look for card stock to make a base with today! I had originally thought I would leave all my card stock in the storage drawers.  Steve pointed out that a 85lb chest of drawers going up on a third floor might be a bit much for even the fittest movers. If course, but when I came up with the brilliant idea I didn't know we would be living on a third floor! We've got a beautiful apartment in a newly built community, I'll have a wonderful craft room with with a bathroom!  I keep telling myself with every box I pack this will be awesome when it is done -right now it is still in the scary stage! My craft room so far is in over 10

Happy National Card Making Day!!

I'm just about all packed up but I was able to get a few things made today while I was at my Friend Jackie's house!   A card for a masculine swap and three ATC's for swaps! Packing my Spectrum Noir Markers: Pencils These are all my wood mounted stamps packed up by theme From Whence they came: I keep wood mounted, fibers ribbons bling and my good 12x12 paper in these, Half a stack in still in another room And here is Luke who does not like this one bit!! Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are having a great weekend. Ginny M