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Finally a cookie I can eat that tastes great!

Last week I purchased a cook book by Cara Reed.  Cara is an author, mom and blogger and dedicated food artist.  Food artist?  Check her blog out and you will see for yourself!    This book is a allergy plagued persons baking dream come true!  Even if you can can eat Gluten, Dairy and Eggs you will love these as a healthy alternative! Tonight I made the Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies and they were so good - everyone liked them here! If you are full swing into gluten free eating and COOKING  you will have everything you need in your pantry. No exotic never before heard of ingredients, and an explanation of some of the whys on the substitutes .  example;  A big one for me is the swap of Chia seeds for eggs.  I bought a product from a well know company as an egg substitute, and while I will give it another chance - the first try was a total gagger in a GF bread recipe ( Not from Caras' book).  Not only did the Chia act as a egg substitute, it brought in a delicious flavor

New Doors Opened

For a healthy pizza recipe, click here Many years ago, I wrote a weekly cooking column  for the 'Border Eagle', the weekly news paper for Laughlin Air Force Base.  I was 18 and wrote for the base for 15 months.  I loved it;  I'd snap a picture of a new gadget I was reviewing, or one of the finished recipes and it would go into print with the recipe or cooking technique.   When My life took me away from the base, I took my column with me.  My love for cooking and gadgets never left me, it has been a life long passion.  On this blog I have written over 100 posts centered around my cooking adventures.  I have been offered a terrific opportunity - a weekly cooking segment on a local Utica, NY Radio station!  This is a Christian radio station so I will be free to sprinkle Christ centered thoughts and vignettes along with cooking and homemaking.  I am going to link the programs here to the blog so anyone interested can see what I am broadcasting about.  I am very excit