Saturday, January 28, 2017

Banner over me

I entered a card challenge I sponsored on my Christian Card Makers FB group. No, it is not rigged, I won't win, but I do like to play along!!  The Challenge was to use a digital provided or a scripture stamp featuring Love.  It has been very interesting to see what has been created!
Here is my Card:

I like this so much I think I am going to turn it into a kit!
If you are a Christian card maker and would enjoy the company of other Christian women , I have a great group on Facebook that helps you in your card making and encouraging endeavors! Just click here, and click the join button, there are no obligations or minimum activity requirements.

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Ginny M 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Polka dot girl and painting

I've been pretty busy this week, working on a new DT release, learning the new provo craft software, and painting our house.
I released my first card kit yesterday for the year, one day later I have one left!!  I'm happy!

I will be putting them up here on my blog, but I thought I would give you a little insight as what it take to make one of these!

Here is the card:

the kit contians the parts to make 4 cards
this one sells for $10.00

I stamp the image on 80# paper x24

Cut and edge background papers x24

Line up and coal-late 

Stamp and fussy cut the sentiments 

Stamp the image again on Designer paper and then hand cut them x 24

this is what goes into one kit!


and ready for shipping.

I know there are lots of people doing this and this post may generate competition, but that is okay, my style and quality will be what someone is looking for.

I hope to have lots more to offer in the upcoming weeks!
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Polka Dot girl and a flash back

I made this card for a Christian Card Makers group challenge; the challenge was to make a Red and Teal card, tag a group member and mail it to her!!

Heres' mine

I've used this image many times, you can go here for a flash back to a little lesson in digitals and rubber stamps!

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Ginny M

Owner; Christian Card Making and encouragement

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sympathy card and a distress tool revisited

Sadly I had to make a sympathy card today for an Uncle Inlaw.  Larry was even newer to the Maxam clan that I am  He and Aunt Jeannette were married for 5 years, his passing was unexpected.  He was a great guy, a dad of 6 kids, a loving husband and a fireman for 50+ years among many many other good things.   Making sympathy cards, as you card makers know can be tricky, it can't be too cheerful and it can't be too low key.  Somehow the card is meant to let the person know you are thinking of them and feeling some of their pain and that they and their loved one are remembered and honored. Sympathy cards for me are never easy, but they so are important.

Here is the card and then I have a tip for you!

The lattice frame is the one and only successful cut I made on my new silhouette cameo machine. That machine is now on the way back to where it came from and a Cricut explore is on its way here to replace it!  I think I had a bad machine, none the less I like the Cricut software much better and I was able to pull back all my cartridges from the design studio.  If I had known that I would have gone with the Cricut first.

Anyway, the butterfly I made with a TH die and embossing folder

using BoBunny paper,
 have you ever noticed it is difficult to find good true blue and red papers??
I keep my 6x6 pads in 7x7 cello envelopes - keeps all the leftovers together and when the spines start breaking apart the paper stays together

Here is my little tip

I've had lots of tools for my distress inks, This one for light use is the best and it is cheap.  A few years ago I went to a thrift store and bought a white wool blazer.  I took it apart washed it in really hot water, machine dried on high (this is called felting) and then I cut the disassembled fabric into 1.5 x 2.5 rectangles with a pinking blade from that one jacket I created a lifetime supply of distress tool pads! because they are wool they stay on the hook/velcro portion of the wood tool.

At one time I had all the distress ink colors - but honestly, that was totally redundant for my style of card making. I sold the ones I wasn't using,   I store them here:

and here:

Now when I need really heavy coverage I use makeup sponges:
I can get the ink completely opaque with these.  They get stored in a jar with a lid. one sponge per color family.

Center panel inked on edges with just a touch of yellow, I want it to look like a window.

And the greatest thing in life and death is love!

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Ginny M

Owner; Christian Card Making and encouragement

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Word Art Wednesday anything Goes Challenge Z# 266-267 a freebie and a burning house

I Love this verse, probably because there was a season of my life where the only thing I could do was look up for my help.  And you know, the Lord never disappointed me.  There were times I would think if I just had a little more money everything would be better.  I could pay the bill, or buy the thing or get the car fixed, If the Lord would just send that miracle check in the mail,   and then it wouldn't come.  One day I had an Ephnani, if the check didn't arrive, I really didn't need it.  It was very similar to the Ephanani I had 14 years ago when my house was burning down. I looked at Steve (we had been married for two months) and said "what if we end up in a shelter" - we had three kids under 18- and that had been my biggest fear as a single parent.  He looked at me in a way that reached right into my heart and said, "well, if that happens, that is where Gods wants us"  It was a revelation and it took all of the fear and upset out of me, in other words even if the house was burning down, we were in the palm of his hands.   
As believers, we are always in the palm of His hands and He knows when and how to perfectly deliver any help we need,  Look up, He delivers!

Here is my card for today's verse , I have created a digital for you to make one too!

Thanks for stopping by, 
I hope you join in the wonderful challenge at Word Art Wednesday,
 there is just so much blessing there!
Ginny M

If you are interested in joining the Christian Card Makers FB group click here This group is dedicated to encouraging people with the word of God through card making and paper art!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Take Time and a freebie

I still belong to several card swap groups and while I am not doing a lot of swapping, I like to stay in a couple because each swap gives me a little challenge and  I enjoy sharing with other card makers. 
Last night I created a card for one of the groups, the subject was an "Alice" card as in Alice in Wonderland.  I never like the story as a child, I thought it was really scary and as a teen, I thought surely Mr Carroll must have been enjoying a little opium while he wrote it. As an adult, I realize why this story that is still on popular reading lists has lasted so long:

          It depicts the inner conflict of finding the world to which we belong.

It is a scary process and many never cross that threshold - the place of belonging.
As a  Christian, I discovered that place and have stayed there my whole life.  It didn't happen because I fell down a rabbit hole, It happened because Jesus Died on a Cross and made a place for me.  He made one for you too, he made one for everyone that would come to Him and accept that He was the Lord of Glory and follow Him in His Ways.  

I made the card and the quote is mine.  'Take time to create your world', I created mine with the master's guidance.  How did I do it?  I choose Him in every circumstance, good and bad, the default of that choice is a beautiful world filled with his love and mercy.  

Yes, it is a choice, it always is, Mad Hatters and Angry Queens Or Love and Mercy. 

 Take the time to know Him and create a beautiful world together.

Here is the card:

Here is the freebie for you!

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Ginny M

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Gifts of expression and a freebie

I love sending out little gift packets to card makers! Last week I hosted a little giveaway on the Word Art Wednesday  Facebook group " why do you love Word Art Wednesday Blog?"   The criteria was to tell why you love it and post a picture of a card.  The first 5 people to respond would receive a crafty gift from me!  Pretty Simple.  The purpose is to always get people involved and to let the people who make it happen, see the appreciation people feel for their efforts.   A Win-Win!

I'm showing this on m,y blog in an effort to encourage even more people to participate!

Here is the little gift a mini card kits!

All lined up waiting for packaging:

The kit!

Stop by the Blog, Join the Facebook group and if you love to make cards to encourage people, especially using bible verse join my Christian card Makers FB group - Get The Word out!
Thanks for stopping by!  and if you are interested I will be selling similar kits, They will be posted when they are ready.

My Freebie for today:

Ginny M

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Big project results

In Yesterday's post I mention that I have I have a Facebook Group 'Christain Card Makers' that offers resources at no cost to card makers, its purpose is to encourage those who encourage others.  Well, I have little contests both scheduled and random.  Lat week I had a random show us your crafty space.  18 people posted pictures!  So I made 18 gifts for everyone's craft room.  I made each one for each one I tried to pick out a background paper to fit in with the craft room:

Printed the digitals on my PC and then fussy cut

 Added layering details

Hand stamped the verse

Die cut a mini easel for the front panel

Assembled and here's my cards!!

This verse has given me a great deal of strength and fortitude and I just had to find a reason to share it!

Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Great item and things

With this last move, my life has really changed; for a short season, I am my Father In Laws' caregiver.  Steve and I moved back to Clinton NY to take care of him; his wish to spend what time he has in the comfort of his home.  Steve was offered a great job on the local AFB and took it.  Bits of our lives are coming into what I would describe as normal.  Steve's working, I've become more comfortable with caring for my FIL and I'm starting my studio business back up.

A lot in one months time, Did I mention we are renovating the house?   I said all that to say that my time to blog is more limited.   The focus has not changed - reaching out with practical Christian living.

I am also working on new projects and expanding my ability to reach out (I hope!)

I have a Facebook Group 'Christain Card Makers' that offers resources at no cost to card makers, its purpose is to encourage those who encourage others.  If you are interested in joining stop by, it is really a great drama free group - we even have at least two monthly contests!
Speaking of which, the last contest I had was a show and tell of our crafty spaces.  as a prize, I made each contributor a gift for their art room.  I had 18 of these to make and I am very happy to say the main body of work is done and they should be in the mail tomorrow!

I made a purchase to help me get these done and I think this might be the best $3.99 I have spent at home depot!  I thought I'd share this with you today and tomorrow I will show off the finished results.

This is a giant Sharpie!!

I love to have dark mat frames on my cards, but sometimes those few extra pieces of paper send the way into parcel zone.  for this project especially I wanted to keep the weight down as I was using heavy card stocks for the main layers:

The marker plus a ruler, gives me a great border!

Try it you will like it!
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Ginny M

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Set of get well cards and breaking in the new room

Tonight I found myself with hours of craft time, Steve was busy with work stuff, everything and everyone were all set - Yay!  So I decided to do 4 things at once.  Why?  Who knows, not the best idea!  So I broke in the new craft room.  When I was a kid if I got something new, I wanted to save it - I had a hard time wearing a new sweater or playing a new game.  New things are intimidating for me.  My new craft room intimidated me.  They probably make medicine for issues like this, I almost couldn't make anything.  I started with a gift project I am making for 17 people and after my printer gave me the same ole problems it always does I started to feel at home.  I printed and fussy cut the parts, then I did 3 DT cards and then I started on a set of get well cards.  I'll show you those now.

I find it very handy to keep a group of bases and envelopes on hand, these cards are made in an A5 size 4.25 x 6.5  I love this size! I'm not sure it is even a standard size. Thre years ago I bought a case of 2500 envelopes ion tat size and a case of paper.  I had the case of paper cut to fit the envelopes.

I pulled out this tool by Fiskars - I've had it for a while, I still haven't decided if I like it.

Um, yup I remember it being a pain

But I got it after a few punches

I pulled a mat stack of pretty paper and ribbons and paired them up

Pulled out the faithful Misti - I love using this, I never got the hang of using a positioner and getting a straight sentiment required many attempts. Now, a perfect image every time!

I purchased a very nice set of get well sentiments from Sweet and Sassy Stamps, fortunately, I had a gift certificate prize from Christian Card Makers Group and that helped with the cost!

Here are the cards:

My back stamp - on every card. Every time I stamp and read this verse I feel blessed, this was the verse that arrested my thinking and opened the door of the gospel to me.

I am working on digitizing a set of card sentiments and "innies" for hospice use.  The idea came out of need.  I think sending a card that says feel better to someone who is dying is pretty lame.  But that person needs encouragement and fellowship.  This is a very prayerful project and I will share it when I'm done.  
Thanks for stopping by and don't forget- let you Light shine!
Ginny M