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Pennies From Heaven

Yesterday as I was finishing my daily walk with Luke,  I took a short cut that lead us over railroad tracks and a dead end street.  In an effort to get out of the Arctic winds that were blasting only me (Luke never notices those things) and back to my home sweet home, this seemed like the logical thing to do.   I always feel pretty safe with Luke, I don't think there are to many people that will challenge a 165lb dog, no matter how many spots he has, He LOOKS formidable! However this probably isn't the best place to be walking without 165 pounds of canine.  As I approaching the beginning of the dead end, I noticed a bunch of lottery tickets blowing on the ground, kept walking and then turned back... Yep 10 tickets unscratched.  Went home scratched them and found that if I cashed them in I would have $30.00!  Sweet!  So I did, of course.  I won't buy them but I will pick them up off the ground!  I have been helping two teen girls in my church raise funds to attend a youth co

Homemade mini stamp press

Here this Blog has sat for a month like an unhatched egg, and today two Posts!! The problem I am having with the blog is that I am  probably and expert at viewing blogs, but this side of it is a new world to me! Anyway I am posting a picture of the mini stamp press my husband Steve and son Steve made me for Christmas (also referred to as the Steves).  I love this little press!  I use it all the time now!  It is simply a small clamp thing purchased at home depot, with two Pergo floor samples glued to it and two pieces of thick felt (carpet padding?)glued to the inside of the floor pieces!  The clamps places enough pressure to really flatten stamped and glued layers, giving them a beautiful crispness!  I think the whole thing was under $10.00  I have a A2 size card in it now, but I think I have flattened as many as 12 at a time!  Ginny M

Card night for OWH

On Friday I had a few friends over to make cards for Operation Write Home     I made 60 card kits before the ladies arrived, in two hours we finished all 60 cards, had home made soup and a bakery Cannoli cake.  My Neurotic Great Dane proved how long and well he can bark (not for the faint of heart or anyone with a headache)!  Operation Write Home is a great project happening to help our deployed armed forces stay in touch with their family and friends.  These beautiful homeade cards are sent to them at no cost so they can write home.  Alot of our troops are in battle situation and have no store they can run to to get their 2year old a birthday card, or to tell that someone special how much they love and miss them.  If you would like to get involved, visit the website that I posted above or if you are local to western ma, drop me a line!  Have a great day and God Bless You Richly!  Ginny M