Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sympathy cards and digital tips

Making sympathy cards is not one of my favorite cards to make. Because of that I seem to never have any on hand, you too? Today I made three cards using the same image.  I wanted to have some on hand for the next time I needed one.

The problem is three fold, Images, Sentiments  and Content.  Or What do I really want to say and how do I want to say it.  I would guess that is the crux of card making:  Expression.

 I know some card makers don't try to make a "statement" every time they make a card, but I do.  Maybe it is because I am a youngest child - the need to be heard!

Anyway I wanted to express hope  and that while there has been an earthly loss of love, the Greatest Love is everlasting and can be turned to and embraced by.  The Lord will always love us and that transcends all stages of life and death.  Under His wings there is love and peace,  we have shelter and protection.  So when I send a sympathy card, that is what I want it to say.  Especially when I really don't even know the deceased or their loved ones - that card can truly be a comfort!

I used this set from Graciellie Designs  to make three cards, I'll share those along with a few tips for your card making!

First one, clean and simple.  YOu know all that designer paper you have in stacks

and Stacks

Printing directly on your paper using digital images can give you a really beautiful card in miniutes!
the key is to make sure your pattern paper is not going to compete with your printed word and images!
here is the first card:

I also used black ink on the edges - this will help your top layer to really have more pop!

Printed directly on a soft patterned paper, I added a silver and charcoal mat backgrounds
Using quality papers makes a tremendous difference in the finished card - I can't stress that enough!

The second card is printed on designer paper and vellum

I lined the top sheet up with the bottom sheet and cut accordingly

Vellum can be tricky to cut, I use a rotary cutter that is nice and sharp - learn how to sharpen your cutters - it is a very worthwhile time investment!

I use a dot of lineco glue in each corner to hold the vellum to the printed paper 
I used a little distress ink on the edges after I glued the two images together and then used black on the edges.

Her is card #2

 Still quite thin and mailable but rich in texture and color!

Card # 3

Printing directly on Vellum:
 Printing on vellum allows you to heat emboss as long as you work fast.  If you don't heat emboss, give the ink a minute or two to dry before you start handling the piece.

Sizing to fit my printed paper

I used silk embroidery flat ribbon for an embellishment:
I ad a tiny drop of glue and then push the ribbon onto it  - give it a miniute to dry, your ribbons will stay put!

The vellum gives the image below a very soft gentle focused look.

I also added a bit of soft gray glitter for texture.

There they are three cards with a beautiful statement, these are for sympathy, but could be used for many other things too. 

Thanks for stopping by and if you purchase from Graciellie Designs, you can use this code for 10% off your purchases!  GINNY10

Have a great Day!
Ginny M

Friday, February 24, 2017

Thursday night left overs!

Inspired by my Friend Donna over at  Papyrus Studio  I've started a 24-hour event on my FB group, Christian Card Makers called Thursday night leftovers.  Like it sounds, we try to use up those "bits" that are always growing by leaps and bound in the basket!  I keep mine pretty well wrangled and this event helps me use them and get a few cards made for Heart Line Ministries. HLM is a part of our group's activities, where we make and send cards to encourage people for many reasons, it is also a prayer list, that we keep lifted up.  If that sounds like something you would like to get involved in, you can click her to join

Here are a few of my cards from yesterday:  No fancy photography, we just add them to the album as we make them, a show and tell bit of fun!

Thanks for stopping by and if you are interested in joining a group with a purpose, stop over and check us out at Christian Card Makers!

These are also being shared on Word Art Wednesday!
Ginny M

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Another share for Everlasting Love and scarp cards

My last share for the Everlasting Love set by Graciellie Designs has been made from using scraps.
I have a scrap basket that is 6x8 and that is it. I don't save itsy bitsy things, and I don't do make ahead die cuts from scraps. I may have mentioned in a past post that this year I am going to focus on not buying anything I absolutely don't need.

Here is the Everlasting Love  set

Here is what I started this card with:

 Here is the finished card:

This card has a lot of layers but it is flat enough to easily mail and is 1oz. 
I used distress inks on the wings, fussy cut the roses, pulled the background and glittery framing paper from stash.

I realize this card might be a little gaudy for some taste, but that is okay, stretching our card making comfort zones is a good thing!

For my Gracielle Design Team series next month, I am going to give you some tips on using digital paper back grounds and good news you don't need photoshop!!  If space is what you are lacking, Digital stamping is wonderful - all you need is your device a printer and ink!
Here is a preview of the beautiful paper pack I am going to use!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have that everlasting Love in your life, first from the Lord and secondly from Garciellie Designs

The card was also entered in the  Loves to Scrap Challenge
Ginny M

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Crafting for a cause

Over at Christian Card Makers, I have a challenge to support one of the members card making "ministries"  The requirements to qualify for the prize drawing are to send to "Pat" 5 cards.  These cards will then be sent to a list of folks that are semi invalid.   I made a few extra using "bits" from my stash;

If you are interested in making cards to encourage people in a fun drama free community ( no participation requirements, you might like Christin Card Makers! 
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Creating a digital calling/ business card

I carry and give out business/calling cards on a regular basis.  I've had commercially printed cards but my favorite are the ones I make. This week when I attended a new church I didn't have one card to hand out to some of the people I met and would have liked exchange my information.  While I was sitting the pew the perfect design for me ( for this month) popped into my head.

I wanted a very simple and elegant card, I wanted to  make a visual statement. I wanted very little info on it: my phone number and my website.

For something like this the paper itself will have as much voice  as the image.  So I choose a 130# cold press watercolor paper.  Cold press will have a little less texture than hot press, and have a beautiful feel in the hand!

This paper is a lovely light cream color and the ink is super black - it has a toile look with  the  design.

I choose "The Journey" set from Graciellie Designs Just a note here, these designs are meant for personal use and not commercial printing operations.  If you are interested in a commercial license, contact Gracie!

I used a simple template in 'Publisher' 

Back fielding through some of their color choices and using my own fonts
I created this simple black and white
business card:

on teh water color paper, it came out perfect (for me) This nice heavy weight will make it easy to find and the image will make it easy to remember!

I choose the swallow, you might like a beautiful flower or set of wings!  With one of these beautiful images you can really make a statement about you!

Thanks for stopping by and Don't forget id you make a purchase from Graciellie Designs,
use the Ginny10 code for 10% off you order!

Ginny M

Friday, February 17, 2017

Time and season and freebies

Over at my facebook group Christian Card Makers, I have just launched a new feature I'm calling 'Make it and Mail it Friday'  I'm combining the verses by Karen Murray at Word Art Wednesday with some of my favorite vintage digitals. The result will be a fast and lovely card meant to be mailed out to encourage someone.  I am going to encourage you if you are a Christain card maker to check out our fun and creative group and after you've made your card you can enter it the word Art Wednesday anything goes challenge and maybe win a fabulous prize and then mail it out!
Here is the verse:

The image I used, you can use your own or use a rubber stamp, whatever you enjoy most!

my combo:

And my card:

This verse is a very well know verse, used in both wedding ceremonies and funeral service.  It is a verse that no matter what It offers hope and relief.  We all know there are many seasons in life and through the course of life, we learn to trust God, grow in grace and walk through each season holding his hand.  He is the Same loving God in every season. Trust Him, He loves you.
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see ou at Christian Card Makers and Word Art Wednesday!
Ginny M

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Thursday night left overs!

I've created a series of events on my Facebook group 'Christian Card Makers' to help the members make cards and get them sent to people who are on two lists in the group.  The lists are called the Heart Lines Ministry.  We send cards of encouragement to people who need a little hug and a and a word of encouragement.  The group itself is a resource and fellowship group for Christian card makers who love God and the Word and love sharing it. No drama, no obligations a fun place with a purpose.

Today I launched "Thursday Night Leftovers" I got the idea from my sweet friend Donna and her post about leftovers  SO I thought about having an event that would help us wrangle scraps and get them made into beautiful cards to support Heart Lines Ministry.  Having fun, keeping the cost down and serving the purpose sounds like a win-win to me.

I started with this-this morning:

My bits basket:

Spread out on the desk:

Cards I've made so far:

Somehow it seems like I have more "bits" now a couple hours into the project!
The event will run all day and I am excited to see what I can do along with everyone else!
If this sounds like it might be something that interests you, check us out on Facebook! 
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Happy Word Art Wednesday!!

Time for the Second challenge of the month at Word Art Wednesday!
Todays' verse ios so reassuring, nothing is too hard for the Lord!  When we walk with him and live according to his ways, there are no limits to the Blessings in our lives! 

Today's Verse beautifully done by Karen Murray:

I created my Design Team card this month using a printed image that I added ink to and the glazed with crystal effects. I also found a beautiful sequined applique in my crazy quilts stash!

I've decided I really need to use up as much of the craft goodies htat I can with making new purchases.  After two cross country moves, I 've really decided I need less stuff and more room!

So here is my card made up of "stuff"

I hope you take the time to hop over to Word Art Wednesday and read Karen Letchworth's beautiful devotionl, make a card and share it with us before you mail it and you might win a wonderful prize!!
Thanks for stopping by!!
Ginny M

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Because He First Loved us, the truest Valentine of all!

Because He First Loved us, we too can love and be loved.  Valentine's day is the "day" for Love, but we are beloved by God every day now and throughout eternity.  what an awesome relationship that is our for the asking!

I have a wonderful marriage and find myself more in Love with my sweetheart every day - to be honest, we are not much into the holidays, and I really can't remember an epic valentines day in put last 16 years or even my whole life.  I am I glad because between my husband and the Lord, my life IS and epic love story!

My DT set for February at   Graciellie Designs  Is  "Everlasting Love"    Isn't this beautiful?  Check out the Etsy shop, you will love these timeless quality designs!

I made this card for our blog hop and my special valentine!

 I printed the sentiment on Vellum and pulled a bit of formal lace from my sewing stash:

Something special and fun to celebrate  love today, we are having a blog hop at Gracielle Designs

For our blog hop today,  hop over to these links for lots of beautiful cards and inspiration to express your love and affections!


Gayatri Viswanathan
Shylaa Shree
Gracie Chavez - Graciellie Designs
Don't forget, there will be a prize - so leave your comments on each blog to qualify for a $14.00 certificate for Graciellie Designs!  To find out if you won Check on the Graciellie Design Blog!

 I will  have several more  cards to show you using the "Everlasting Love" and other Beautiful Graciellie designs sets  during the month of February, Why?  Because  too many times, we have awesome resources at our finger tips and just come up blank as to how to use them!  I want to help you let your creative -self  explore and enjoy the products and company I am representing!

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to share a little extra love today! 
Ginny M
This card has also been entered in the Loves to scrap Challenge Blog!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Fast, Beautiful, Frame-able and a tip on using digitals!

Long time ago I spent many hours trying to become a good calligrapher. This was pre-1990 before the age of  computers and even before word processors (do you remember word processors)?
one of my best friends had a vintage pantograph machine that I had dearly coveted.

It was just not meant for me to be a hand calligrapher.

so fast forward to the present:

I am so thankful that I have been able to fulfill my desire to create beautiful art in calligraphy. both from my own computer and from wonderful resources like  Gracielle Designs

I Love to digitize scripture for wall and I have a passion to use it in card making.

Better yet if I can combine the two!  
With most cards I make I attempt to make the card worthy of a frame.
Today I want to show you something super simple you can make as a card and as a gift 

I used my new Everlasting Love set and pulled one verse from the group:

To use my digitals I have created a template in a 4.5x5.5 size in publisher, you can also use word.  I keep this on my desk to and anytime I want to create a digital I use this ( I have several other size templates) this size is my main go to.

you can easily create this by going into your program, create the size you want and then simply "save as" to your desktop.

I just click on the icon and my "canvas" comes up ready to use!

I keep a stack of precut cardstocks right next to the printer

I copy and paste my image onto the canvas and then simply print! Everything is the correct scale!

for this card, I created my image, grabbed a die cut frame I had in my stash

here are two card examples from these materials:
very simple:

and very simple with color:

Taking it up a couple of notches
finished card:

and putting a frame on it:

these cards are very simple, what can make these or any card outstanding is the quality of materials. High-quality paper ink and digitals make for High -quality, Elegant cards
Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope my tips help you in your Card Making and Art Adventures!
Ginny M

These cards have also been entered in the Loves to scrap challenge!  Check it out!