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How to Thread Paint on a Juki 8700

Wow the summer is finally here! I've been busy with summer things and family visits and I wouldn't have it any other way.   Yesterday I able to spend a couple of hours working with my new Juki 8700.  I purchased this machine to sew and quilt my Mission Project  and to thread paint.  Ahh, I love thread painting and there is nothing better than doing it with a fast smooth machine.  Having a quiet servo motor and a large throat space, makes this machine perfect for the job.  I am making it sound simple - but initially it wasn't.  I had to find the right foot  - which I did for a reasonable price    this price is about $20.00 less than Amazon or Ebay.  This foot made the machine sing! For a first attempt I wanted to make a little gift for another Artsy friend.  These colors work for her space and style (I think!).  This became an exercise for me to become acquainted with my machine. The first step (after finding the right foot for my machine) was setting up my thread.