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Quick card for a Challenge and a Freebie

 A fun little challenge this weekend called "The Fair"  I had to dig through my stash for this one! I just don't have cute stamps! And your Freebie I'm also adding this to the Word Art Wednesday Challenge, you should make a card and join in too, Great prizes this week as always plus over 400 beautiful digitized scriptures - free! Thanks for stopping by and I do hope you are having a wonderful summer. Ginny M

A Fun Bookmark Challenge and Our Women's Group at Lifepoint Church & Freebies

 Good Morning everyone, here in my corner of the world we are getting ready to wind up our Vacation Bible School.  I think it just gets better every year.  The VBS and walking with the Lord - This year I cooked for staff, 25ish adults a few teenagers, and a bunch of littles. I love this type of ministry, I think bringing people together at the end of their workday, and sitting down and having a good meal is just so solidifying.  The food wasn't fancy, just a good home-cooked meal on a larger scale, Diane is there working me, and Lauren made the best desserts.  I love my Church family and I love doing this every year.   We also had a crafty challenge over at 'Christian Card Makers Group' to make paper clip bookmarks,  plus it's time to get ready for the upcoming year for our Women's Ministry, and then there is Sunday School. Add in work, a busy week for me.    I am combing the last three things, as I am waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven for the first th

WOYWW- Desk Tours

 On Wednesdays, Miss Julia , who lives far away, holds a link-up of desk tours.  It has been at least a year since I joined. Just short little posts of creative spaces.  I made cards last night as well as spent time studying and bible journaling and I thought I'd like to join up this week.  After taking the pictures, I thought what a mess!  So I did a bit of a tidy and took another picture.  Well, like most crafters, a lot of stuff in a small space.   Here it is,  And then cleaned up a little: I'm in our semi-finished basement I thank god for this space - my craft/sewing area and my Husband Steve's study area and Matt our foster Son's study area. We could not live in this little house without it! Thanks for Stopping by and I join in the fun over at Stamping Ground . Ginny M

Friendship, Cards and a Freebie

 Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your summer. One thing about living in the Northeast, I love  the four seasons.  I really like the change each season brings - daily routines and clothing and home furnishings.  Food and traveling the sights and smells.  Change is good, I like it.  My early sixties are bringing a change to the rhythm of my life too.  Less work in the work world, more home time (never enough of that for me), and more time to read and pray and think on the good things of God and the life he has blessed us with.  This week I had the occasion to take back a bit more of my life,  drawing a boundary - it may have only been a statement in my head, but a definite "No" came out of my mouth.  That brought a deep sense of peace and thankfulness.  I am also very thankful for the sweet friends, a small group of wonderful Godly women the Lord has blessed me with. I'm in the process of writing to each of them.  I came across a terrific stamp at Hobby Lobby - on sal

Word Art Weds and a Quick Tutorial

Hi Everyone, Anyone dodging the heat in their craft room? It was a work day for me so tonight   I made a couple of quick cards with this week's verse. I  want to post a short how-to for this very simple card.  I am also sharing this on the Word Art Wednesday Challenge blo g, Hope over and join the fun, you might even win a prize! Here is the card, made in the slime line style: My digital backgrounds came from the Etsy Seller "Digital Fit"  Tese are just so pretty and affordable and easy to store!                                                                        This week's verse: and my layout:  This is a PNG, I did this in Publisher originally For the base cut two 7.75 x 8.75 pieces of card stock. I printed on Neenah  solar white "laid" finish to give the image a more painterly look. Thanks for stopping by, Stay Cool,  Ginny M

Card Making Again and a Freebie Set

 Hello Friends, It has been about 10 months since my last post.  I hit the Big 62 this summer and I have started the process of retiring.   I've been working at a law office for the last few years, along with my normal life, and it has been almost too much.  This summer I cut my hours to 20, working 3 days a week. So nice. Next summer, well?  I am thankful for a good job, and I am thankful for working it three days a week. I've started making cards again, and have gone back to being the church card lady ( really missed both). But I think we all know sometimes you just can't do everything! To reopen my blog, I thought it would be appropriate to post and enter at Word Art Wednesday . I have a set for you today for your card making - I used a verse from the 9/15/21 post Here is the catch-up set I made for the FaceBook group 'Christian Card Makers' .   Slim Line style -  printed vellum overlay Here is a background, you can turn any image into a background These are prin