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Celebrating the opportunity to be Thankful

Here in the United States we are celebrating our Holiday of Thanksgiving.  It is a day of family, Breaking Bread and reflecting on the richness of our lives.  Prosperity and Peace are the by products of living a Godly life and having  a relationship with our creator, The Lord Jesus Christ.  People can be happy and wealthy without Him, but these two sets of elements are not the same thing.  If you are interested in finding out more, Read the book of John in the bible  and you will discover the difference and the Loving Savior,( I am like a broken record saying that aren't I)!   I am thankful for many things.  I have the best husband and companion on the planet and we have our health, I have three wonderful children.  My mom is 86 and doing great, I have two sisters Cheryl and Robin, that I love and that love me. I have In-laws that if I could have hand picked , it would be them. I am thankful For Jane, Lori and Beth and Betty, friends for decades. We have a cozy little house and bre

WOYWW#234 and why do I never get any better at this!

It is What 's On Your Workdesk Wedensday #234, for a world wide tour of desk tops Go to Julias' awesome blog 'Stamping Ground"- you'll be glad you did!   I took a break from card making, blogging, workdesk touring and just about everything else that kept me at me desk for the last two months.  It was a great break and now I feel like a Newbie back at card making!  I am working at getting the flow back, I might have better luck at the flow when I get the 'clean' back.  My craft room has been a multipurpose room during the break and I feel the need for a reorganization to happen!   I did want to participate in this weeks' hop and Mojo Monday , so for this WOYWW I am combining the two.  I have to ask myself this question, why can't I  copy and get the copy right??  Every time!  You should see me at stamp camp class, my card is stashed never to be seen by my stamp camp chums, I never get them right!  True to form, I didn't do the mojo as sketched e

Monday's: a new week and a clean canvas!

I'm teaching my teen class from a book called "Success for Teens" by the editors of the Success Foundation.   This is a great book for teenagers! The book is in a workbook format and while it is not doctrinal or even "religious" it is very adaptable to the Sunday School setting.  It focuses on making small changes for the positive in our lives and how it can cause dramatic change for good over time. I started this class in August and started making small changes my self, and now only 4 months later I am so very glad I did!!  Ever have one of those moments when you think why didn't I do this earlier?   (not me, but you get the visual)   You could also use the line from the old gospel song, "little is much when God is in it."   For example: I decided I needed to go back to whole food eating and cooking, I mean 100% for our health sake. So I went through the pantry and got rid of everything that wasn't a building block of something else or totally

The place of Victory

It is Sunday afternoon and I am posting in between church services.  The "Steves" and I had a  wonderful lunch together, roasted chicken and potatoes, lots of veggies and homemade oat bread.  Sunday's table feeds us both physically and spiritually. It is the one day a week we know we can sit down as a family and just talk.  We have dinner every night, at the table but now that Steve is an adult he is usually working or on the go. I miss those days of us all being together, and now that that season has passed for the kids I am very glad it was something I insisted on and I hope they will do the same when they are busy raising their families. We had a great time in Clinton, NY.  The purpose was to be with my Father-in-law while he was recovering from a surgery.  He did very well and is feeling great! We were able to go on long walks and have dinners with friends and family.    Clinton is a very charming town, Lots of little shops and coffee houses.  It is the home of Hamilt

Traveling and digital printing tips

This week Steve and I are headed to his home town, Clinton NY. We'll be there with family and friends for the week!  We've been looking for to this trip and an entire week off. Young Steve  is home working,so he holds the fort down and we are fancy free!! Before we leave early today I wanted to share a few cards I made for Karen Murray over at .  Karen is a wonderfully talented digital artist.  A super busy home schooling mom of 6 and active church member.  We share a love for the word of God!  Here are a few cards I made for her Esty shop samples! For Christmas: When making samples you have to keep things focused on what you are sampling.  In this case it is the scripture and the sentiments more than stamping.  I enjoy making verses the focal point using beautiful papers, and I am more and more using digital. A few more for friendship verses:     I highly recommend you visiting Karens Etsy shop, her images a perfect and they are very cost economical.

New Directions

I 've been gone for 6 weeks from my blog, it hardly seems like 6 days!  I had to stop blogging for a little while because frankly I was even boring myself! I love card making and I love the art of ink on paper, I have for decades and I will probably for decades to come!  But there has to be a point to the things we do and I had to think Just what exactly am I doing day in and day out , both in my blog and in my real life.  Do you ever feel that way?  I'm 53, the important days of raising my children are done, they all made it to adult hood and I made it to their adult hood. So what am I supposed to be doing now?  I am not of the puritan mindset that every minute of every day needs to be profitable, to me that is a fast way to have a stroke and be just plain miserable! But there should be a point of doing what ever it is I am doing!   There is an Asian expression "The days of wine and rice"     The expression refers to the early days of the middle years, the days when