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Scripture Planner Fun layout Peeks and Why I do This

 Hello, Everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend.  It is Saturday night here, it has been a beautiful day here, Study and housework in the morning, and in the afternoon, a big yard project that was a fail, no fault of ours,  it just didn't follow the plan. We all have those events.  After dinner, back to studying and getting ready for Sunday.  On Saturday, I normally finish up my scripture writing for the week and do the next week's layout.  Last week's layout with the verses for the week. I use the Inscribe plan and usually write the thought of the text, not just a verse or two. A couple of tip-ins and a large flip-down.  I make most of my stickers, using different digital companies and public domain art.  A favorite of mine is  The Graphics Fair y, for two reasons, #1, superb selection and #2, you have at your fingertips a world-class digital art education. Another new favorite is Daydream Bible Art , a wonderful company by artisit and author Diane Noble.  I am

Journaling On The Way And Be Who God Made You to Be!

 A few weeks ago, I joined a bible journaling Facebook group.  I was looking for Christian women who had a passion for this form of spiritual expression and bible study, new ideas, sharing my ideas, and last but not least like-minded friendship.  Well, I found all the things I was hoping for in "JOTW".  The group is based in South Africa and owned by the delightful Lynn G.  Yesterday  Lynn taught a class or page demonstration from a devotion written by Shauna Niequist.    The title of the devotion was "Created on purpose - for a purpose" ( which just happens to coincide with Ingrid Blixit's Open Journey devotion series this month)!    Shauna used the scripture from Job 37:5-6 and Lynn purchased (with license) a terrific image to illustrate each woman's uniqueness, expressing how important it is to become the 'you' that 'you' really are, and not the 'you', you think you should be!  I think many women struggle with this.  Life has so ma

It Is Marvelous in our Eyes! A Journal Entry and Process

  This morning's scripture writing is Psalm 118:22.  It is a work morning for me and I don't usually try to journal on a work morning, just not enough time. But today I really just had to do something after reading and scribing verses 19-24 of Psalm 118, I really felt a sense of awe at what the Lord has done for us.  You know the Adversary of our soul has waged a full onslaught against our really feeling anything. Media has robbed us by numbing us to Awe and Wonder by replacing it with special effects and intense soundtracks. We are deluged day in and day out, with mind spraining nothingness to the point where we are impressed by very, very little.  In these short passages The psalmist freezes history and brings the ancient world into our present and our future and David who never saw The Redeemer, penned the plan and the future.  He said It is Marvelous. It is really beyond that, I don't think our language can convey what it really is- Think about it! I used from stash a h

Say Yes To The Dress!

 Have you ever watched that show?  Personally, I am not a fan, I don't like all the drama and conflict, seeing a bride's feelings get hurt, mothers being pushy and dominating, sisters being mean and petty.  Do you ever wonder why the media loves to push such a bizarre normal?  Any way,  Today I am bringing you the Dress to Say Yes to, the one that will forever be perfect and comfortable, you will never have to diet physically for it (you may be required to fast and push some things away from your table).  But it is the PERFECT  Dress, designed just for you by your creator.  He has even taken care of the laundry for it, it will never be spotted or wrinkled, and it will never be less than perfect for you.  The price of the cleaning would have never been payable by us, the cost was so beyond anything in this world, that he himself had to pay it, the cleaning solution;  his own blood.   That blood washed the dress we were wearing and turned it into our wedding garment and made it p

Psalm 18:32 Bible Journaling Tutorial and the Digitals for your Creating

 Today's Bible Journaling prompt from the Christian Card Makers group is  Psalm 18:32. I look forward to these prompts, especially now that I have the time to do them! Yay, retirement!  Because this is not one of the verses I know by verse reference (there are very few that I do), I turned to it with happy anticipation.  When I read the verse It brought me right back to the beginning of my walk with Jesus.  At 20 years old, I was in such difficult circumstances, a new Christian, newly divorced from a violent alcoholic, Living in a small airstream RV, and supporting myself waiting on tables. I had big decisions to make and really no one to counsel with.  I moved to SW Texas at 18, with high hopes for a happy marriage and a great life. No education, no car, and no job to go to.  Just a man whom I barely knew and who had promised the life I was hoping for ( boy was I naive).  I'll just leave it at The Lord sent a faithful witness to bring me the gospel, after 18 months of being a

Scripture writing planner/journal layouts with a few tips.

  I thought I would give you a little peek into my scripture writing journal setup, along with a couple of "afters" from the weeks before. I usually do the layout for the journal and my planners on Sunday nights. It is very relaxing to me, and starting my week feeling balanced and on track is a huge plus. Steve and I normally spend our Sunday nights studying and getting ready for the next week's schedule of things to do and teach. Here is my planner for the scripture writing for next week: I use a classic style/size verticle layout Happy Planner for the daily writing. I make most of my own stickers using images from the Graphics Fairy, I do the print and cut process with my Cricut machine. There is a small learning curve with this process, but a very worthwhile investment, especially if you already own the Cricut machine. The flower basket is from an Anna Griffin Card making kit, and I have made it a "hinge in" I purchase my sticker paper on Am