Saturday, June 28, 2014

Busy weekend here and some freebies!!

I'm running around this week end probably just like you!

I decided I did not like the proportions on one set of cards, here is the original:

Re Do's

What do you think?

And Because I know I won't be posting for the rest of the weekend here are a few fun things to play with!!  Enjoy! and Have a great weekend!!
Ginny M

Friday, June 27, 2014

A few cards I made

Seems like this is a big birthday and get well month!!  Here are a few cards
I made last night;  Each one in 4's

A technique from my friend Shaz's blog 

I used Peacock plumes on this card

I'm off to ladies bible study, thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!
Ginny M

Thursday, June 26, 2014


My favorite cards to make are the cards where someone asks me to make a card for someone else.The best gift one person can give to another is a gift that will actually enter into eternity, the Word of Life.
It is the only one you can take with you.  
I made this card yesterday for a friend to give to a coworker.

I'll be working on a few more cards today and trying to stay cool
I hope you find someone today that you can give an eternal gift to!

Thanks for stopping by
Ginny M

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WOYWW #264

I've been building art walls at Letterpress Things this week, So this bacame my Work Desk entry for WOYWW#264

One of my job perks, I get to use the equipment, that is 200 sheets of cover being cut itno card bases,  Takes all of 30 seconds!!

I did just make this card to go into a Red White and Blue Swap!
Simple 6x6

I hope you have a wonderful day and have time to go over to Julia's blog to pick up the rest of the crafty desk top hop!!
that Toile backgeround  is an impression obsession 6x6 stamp - LOVE these stamps!!
Ginny M

Monday, June 23, 2014

New glue and a few cards over the weekend

What a beautiful weekend here in Western Massachussetts!  We've a lot of fun here the last two weeks with little family parties, My Mothers 87th birthday, that party was brought to her house, Fathers' day, and my youngest's 20th birthday! In between all that cooking and cleaning and having fun, I've been busy in my craft room!

I'm using a new to me  glue product and I thought I would share just a bit about it.  The glue is called:

Lineco pH Neutral PVA Bookbinding Adhesive 

I purchased this in the gallon size and decanted it to a smaller 6 oz squeeze bottle.  As far as glue goes I think this is a bit on the pricey side. I was able to try this product when Steve and I took a book binding class together last winter.  
It was the only glue the teacher recommend for the bookbinding process.  What I was impressed with was the fact that this glue did not cause the paper to rumple and have that " I used glue" look even on thin 20# bond paper.  The shop price was out of my range so I skipped this product and started searching for glues.  You may remember I settled with a product called "Ultimate Glue"  UG works great but there is one problem, it is very thick and very dry for a wet glue, and this meant I was having to use alot of squeeze pressure on the bottle and this really was bothering my hand (I have a tendon/ligament problem) It was enough of a problem that I had to find another product.  The Lineco product is really really thin, I don't know how it doesn't totally saturate the paper, but it doesn't.  The hold is super strong with just a tiny, tiny bit and the paper remains flexible - you have a 30 second window before it sets up, so you can straighten out your art work if you need (that is important for me)!  I ended up purchasing this in the gallon size on Amazon, with prime the shipping was free and the total cost was 47.00, I just checked it before writing this post and noticed it has gone up 10.00 !! Here is a link to the Amazon page with smaller sizes.   This product is also made in the USA and packaged and sold by a company about 4 miles from my house!!  That is important to me too!

                          Here's a few cards I've made over the weekend:

The very pretty rose bud paper was a freebie from  Graciellie Designs

Calendar card #5
I made this for a teacher friend

Calendar card #6

                                                      Calendar card #7

All of the calendar cards are going in the mail to friends, this is a licensed image and to re sell them would be a violating  copyrite.

 I am having a lot of fun making these cards!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found my chapter on the Glue story helpful!
Have a great day!
Ginny M

Saturday, June 21, 2014

If you Love Prima Doll stamps you will

love my new kit!  Check it out here at Maxam Made Studio

I hope you are having a nice weekend!!  Seems like June is full of backyard parties!!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M

I have a beautiful new kit to offer!

This week I had lunch with my Mother at Nordstroms', on our way through the store a table with fine stationary caught my eye, I picked up a really lovely card with a fashion plate image. Cream on Black, made out of very good papers!  I turned over to see the price.  This one simple A10 size card was 4.95!!!!     After seeing this card I thought I have to make a kit with similar images!

  My Fashion plate kit A  contains six fashion plates, cut and ready to go, printed on 100# recycled Ivory papers from a local mill, 80# black card stock base, 24#stationary insert (not copy paper!) an A10 size envelopes  all you need is your favorite adhesive and if you'd like to bling it up, have fun!!
My Fashion plate kit B  contains the same  six fashion plates, cut and ready to go, printed on 80#  smooth White card stock, 80# black card stock base, 24#stationary insert (not copy paper!) an A10 size envelopes  all you need is your favorite adhesive -This kit is designed for those of you who like to Color - use alcohol markers, pencil or chalk!

This kit to make 6 A10 size cards (no extra postage required for mailing) is $10.95 and shipping is free!

Here it is

If you love the Large Prima rubber stamp dolls, you will love this set!!
Thanks for stopping by and if you would like to order Send me an email plese specify if you would like kit A or B,  at with your Pay Pal info!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Couple of sample cards

It is a hot day here in western Massachusetts and I seem to have had little energy after a early morning walk, even Luke is quiet today!!  It is also WOYWW#263, which I seem to have forgotten completely about!  Not too late however!!  Start here and then jump over to Julia's blog for more crafty desktop fun!!

I worked up a couple samples from the Word Art Wednesday scripture of last week, I guess I am a little behind but I am going to enter into this weeks WAW Challenge!

I combined the scripture with the image, you may remember my last post and the meltdown process of getting this done.  I thought I'd show you the finished product and that of one of my Card Card Makers facebook group members Jen Tatten .  Jen also has a very cool blog you should check out!!

First my desk top:   ATC for my Christain Cardmakers group of Facebook - this is a sneek peek !!

I'm experimenting with Google drive today, trying to find a better way to up and down load my photos.  Does anyone else think  things in the cyber world are very slow today??

Here is the original printed out card face:

The Scripture is from Last week's Word Art Wednesday   This link is for today's challenge but you can scroll through for the verse and get this weeks' while you are there and participate in the challenge!!
My Friend Jen created this:

How awesome is this??

I tried coloring in two mediums, alcohol marker and pencil:

I liked both methods, i would say the markers were a little easier to use, I am not a big coloring fan, only because I feel very inadequate at it, but I am working on it!!

Alcohol marker:

Pencil with mineral spirits
The finished cards: 5x7 size

There they are and I think this post hold a link record for me!!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a cool rest of your day!!
Ginny M

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Computer Challenges and freebies!

I may have mentioned I have a new Computer?? Did I mention I had to re-learn how to do digital files? New PC means New software - So after spending an hour trying to make things work the way I did last week, had to try something else. 

Thank you Lord I was able to get it done without having to buy any more software! Had to switch my system of using power point to publisher. Which is good, I needed to jump into publisher. So while I feel major brain sprain - I was able to get it done !

Here is a scripture/verse for you!! The verse is from last week's Word Art Wednesday and Karen Murray . The picture is one of my images. Hope you like!!

I am still adjusting to the computer, It might be like working out with a new prosthetic device.  Actually it is the tool for what my inner vision sees and hands cannot do!

I also switched from IE to Chrome, BIG differance, I am really liking it!!

Here are a couple more freebies for you!!

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day!!
Ginny M

Monday, June 16, 2014

Helpful tip!!

When I went to the Heirloom Stamp show two weekends ago I discovered a new tool, the tool was designed to pick up rhinestones and other tiny bling.  The tool looked like it worked great and I really wanted it, but it was 28.95 and they highly recommended buying the case to go with it because the working end tip was very fragile. This meant looking at a 40.00 expense - I just couldn't justify spending that on a stylus type tool!  So I I came up with my own, it is cool and CHEAP!
 I used a ball point scoring tool that I rarely use for scoring, you could use anything with a small tip- knitting needle, tiny crotchet hook Etc.

What you need: pointy tip tool, Aleene's tack it over and over.

What you do: Dip the pointy tip in a drop of Aleene's glue and let it dry!  That is it!!

That is it!! I'm sure the glue tip will wear off at some point but I've been setting bling all weekend and it is working just great!!

I hope you find this helpful!!
Have a great day!!
Ginny M

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Fathers day!
 I hope you have someone special you can share today with and let them know how much you appreciate them!  My own father passed from this life almost 15 years ago, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of him.  I have many happy memories and am thankful for the good things he passed on to me.  I do Have a wonderful Father in-law that I am blessed to have a happy relationship with, Friends and Pastor.  I am most thankful for my husband Steve, who is the best father on the planet, he has loved us and been diligent in every aspect of our lives together.   I made  two Fathers day cards, one for Richard my Father in law and one for Gerry, my mothers companion.

and then I made this thank you card to send to a dear friend
 She gave me a calander for a christmas gift - just exchanging our gifts now!!  Where does the time go, so now I have over 175 pages that I will make cards from already!

Two More I made today:

This card will be for my friend who is coming to Dinner tomorrow. G raised her kids by herself with no help physically or financially from their father. 
 I invited her middle daughter to have dinner with us  - she is my youngest son's  girl friend and she said, oh no, I can't leave my mom alone on Fathers day, she did double duty, I try to honor that.  G is also my friend , and this is her year for rediscovering herself!!

 This card I made for my sister Robin.  Robin has had a Christian home day care in continous operation for 30 years.  She has spent her life nurturing children, some of her kids now are  the kids of the kids she had way back in her early years.  How about that as a testimony of love!!

I'm calling these cards my "Calendar Cards"  I hope you like seeing them!

I hope you are having a great weekend and a soecial day tomorrow!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New computer, new stamping stuff = Tilt Plus WOYWW #262

It is WOYWW#263 and I'm showing you what I purchased at the Stamp show this weekend,  and working through a new computer!    The International Blog hop start here at Julia's' desk.
Maybe some of you can relate to having things that are tried and true and upgrading and then starting  then the process of  getting the new  to that point of tried and true again!  Is a little uncomfortable for you?  It is for me!  I am still grieving for my old  emachine  with windows 98.  I still miss Ami Pro.  I do not miss my old typewrite or dot-matrix printer, I'm lazy not crazy!!
The Steves are two of the most generous people on the planet (Hubby and youngest son), the two of them gifted me with a new computer , this computer has a Tera bite hard drive, that is 1,000 gigabytes !  can you imagine??  My fist PC  has 41 MGB hard drive !!! Plus I now have a 22" monitor and a 23" monitor to work from.  Two years ago Steve bought me a 23" monitor and I said what do I need that for? Wow was I crazy, if you don't have two monitors and you are a heavy computer user, you don't know what you are missing!! Now I have two big ones and a computer that could launch a space ship, I am very happy and very thankful!! 
Still working out a couple of issues (me and my camera) but that should be fixed by the end of the night. 

 I didn't go crazy at the stamp show but tried to find products that I would really use.  

I was able to pick up quite a few "Our Daily Bread Designs" sets,  Scripture pack #13 a chickadee stamp and die to match , butterfly corner.  A back ground stamp from Impression Obsession - LOVE the giant background stamps IO makes - I uses their mega mount  and really get great images!!
I picked up three sets of dimensional  imaging stamps from stamptastic - there's only one in this picture, but I will show you a card made with one of the others..  A nice Quote from Magenta, Butterflies from I can't remember where, but they are great nice and big!! then there are three wood Mounted stamps I bought in a booth, great sales team but I can't remember who they were!!

This is what's on my work desk today, till I get it all sorted:

A couple of cards I made this AM, this background I purchased last year at the stamp show from OI and is a favorite, Polka Dots in every color!!!

This card was made with a New  stamptastic squares set. 6"x6"
 This was my first attempt and I love these!!

This card I made using a purchase - 3D Crystal Lacquer   After I took this photo, I realized this card really needed more umph, so I added a turquoise liner - very thin  gave it just the right pop!

I also ran into Lindsay Weinrich from "The frugal Crafter"  Lindsay is just as energetic and charming in person as she is on her blog!!  She traveled down with two of her stamping friends and I know they were having a great time!!

SuperStampGirl was also there, we stopped and chatted for a while too.  We all kept moving and in passing saying "don't forget to check out ....."

The Heirloom stamp show was really a great time.  If you can find something like it in your area, GO!!!!
Okay I am going  back to figuring out my camera issues , 
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M