Tutorial: Making Napkin Cards

Here is a fun tried and true old fashioned card making technique. Long before we had all these sumptuous patterned papers we had gorgeous napkins! For depth of color and interesting texture, you can't beat them especially for the money! Most you you may have done these so this will be an ‘Oh Yeah’ moment! Have fun!

You can start with any size paper napkin - I like to pick min up at Tuesday Morning, they have a wonderful selection and are usually marked down

Separate the printed surface from the tissue backing - these napkins are usually 3 layers

I cut my panels to fit a light weight piece of cardstock

I drizzled glue on the card stock and then added my napkin panel

I found it was easier to keep the light and floaty napkin on the table and then place the gluey paper on it

Gently smoothed it a little bit - remember the napkin layer is very fragile

I gave it a few minutes to set up and the just added a puddle of Lineco glue. You can also use Elmers or any white PVC glue. There are a few different products for this that have different results. what you want it a glue that will dry clear and smooth.

I pushed it over the entire image with my finger - gently

I let the glue dry - I went to work and came back to it at night. You want to give this at least 4 hours to completely dry

Next I trimmed it out on my paper cutter

See what a nice gloss and texture this has! it feels really nice too!

From my one napkin I made 4 cards

With these cards, I just pulled the sentiment/verses from my stash, added a little white highlighting .

Fro this card, I used a border punch

I hope you give this a try, it is really lots of fun! It is also economical!
Have a great day,
Ginny M


What a great set of cards Ginny - I have used the napkin technique, but never with the glue payer on top - must try that, thanks for sharing
I have heard of making cards with napkins but not seen a tutorial before. These are GORGEOUS! TFS!
dmgarafalo said…
Very Cool, can't wait to try. miss you, xoxox donna
Lovely cards. I love using napkins in my art.