Pennies From Heaven

Yesterday as I was finishing my daily walk with Luke,  I took a short cut that lead us over railroad tracks and a dead end street.  In an effort to get out of the Arctic winds that were blasting only me

(Luke never notices those things) and back to my home sweet home, this seemed like the logical thing to do.   I always feel pretty safe with Luke, I don't think there are to many people that will challenge a 165lb dog, no matter how many spots he has, He LOOKS formidable! However this probably isn't the best place to be walking without 165 pounds of canine.  As I approaching the beginning of the dead end, I noticed a bunch of lottery tickets blowing on the ground, kept walking and then turned back... Yep 10 tickets unscratched.  Went home scratched them and found that if I cashed them in I would have $30.00!  Sweet!  So I did, of course.  I won't buy them but I will pick them up off the ground! 

I have been helping two teen girls in my church raise funds to attend a youth conference in April, last week we made bookmarks and sold them, they raised 90.00!!!!  Together they need 500.00  So that was a great start!  This week we are going to make Marble mini pound cakes and sell them for a few dollars each, so that is what 15.00 of the ticket money went to!

this will make enough to raise another 50.00 at least!  If they sell well, we'll make more.

Then the rest went to purchasing supplies for OWH:
This will be more than enough to make about 200 cards!!

Think I will take that short cut more often!!!!


Maxam Made said…
Thank you Cindy! I've been walking an exciting path since I hung that scripture on the door posts of my heart as well as home, and The surprises have been many!! The Name Joshua means "Gods is my Saviour" What a wonderful name!! ~Ginny Thank you for posting a comment too! My first one!

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