It's a quiet night here, I am working on my Sunday School Lesson for tomorrow, working on a few butterflies for the teens in the class:
They are still in the rough stages, but will be ready for tomorrow.
Went for our walk earlier:
Time for a snow Angel, and yes he is!!
This was very good exercise, the snow was unbroken, Luke is standing on an area with only about 6 inches, most of the walk was a trudge of over a foot.  I told Steve we sound like Cybermen walking.. (any Dr. Who Fans?)
Tink is all worn out from Luke chasing him around the house all night - they play- it is pretty funny unless you get in Lukes way- there is no stopping him.  He catches Tink all the time and sends him off the ground with his nose.
Tink thinks one of the best places to sleep in in the clean laundry
I am thankful for the piece of a household of faith, for Steve who is a godly man,  My  best friend and Wonderful  Husband, for all the love and blessing in our lives.
Thank you for stopping by, I hope you are having a great weekend!!
Ginny M


Cynthia said…
My husband has gotten me into Dr. Who. Nice change of pace from "girlie" stuff, good plots, lots of running..."I love the running" (from the episode with the Hath and Dr's daughter).

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