Word Art Wednesday and still packing

I haven't dropped off the planet, I am just super busy packing and taking care of a million things in preparation of our move! We're leaving in just a little over two weeks and Still lots to do!

I am still trying to get a bit of card making done, but since My stuff is about 85% packed it is getting a little more difficult.  I had to actually look for card stock to make a base with today!
I had originally thought I would leave all my card stock in the storage drawers.  Steve pointed out that a 85lb chest of drawers going up on a third floor might be a bit much for even the fittest movers.
If course, but when I came up with the brilliant idea I didn't know we would be living on a third floor!

We've got a beautiful apartment in a newly built community, I'll have a wonderful craft room with with a bathroom!  I keep telling myself with every box I pack this will be awesome when it is done -right now it is still in the scary stage! My craft room so far is in over 100 boxes.  I've tried to be very methodical  in my packing and I am only taking what I love and use.  No bits and pieces, no scraps and everything that is "like" is packed together.  I am hoping the unpacking will be quick and easy!  The new craft room will also have a walk in closet so all my craft business/class supplies will go on storage units in the closet - out of sight.  I am hoping to keep just about everything out of sight. all the ink pads will be in carts under the desk, on hand for when I work. paper and machine supplies on the big storage sets of  drawers, I will have them all on one wall with a counter on top - 12 feet of counter/stand up desk. my wood stamps and 12x12, ribbon, bling and unmounteds will goin in my 4 storage 12x12 towers.  I have 64 of these drawers in 4 towers.  putting the ummounteds in them might mean I need a few more. I can't wait to set up and share pictures with you!!

But happily it is Word Art Wednesday AND I was able to make my card!!

This weeks Beautiful verse by Karen Murray:

My Image:

Combining them:

My Card:

Today card is completely digital due to packing!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you head over to Word Art Wednesday for more inspiration and to enter one of your own cards!


Crystal Komara said…
OMG, I can't believe you are really leaving us and so soon! Ayyyyyyy! What will I do without you?? But, yes, I can't wait to see your new craft room too. Love this image and it fits very well with the inspiring quote. Hugs,Crystal
Marilyn Mathis said…
Love this card. Hope everything is going well with the packing. I live right off I-10 in the panhandle of Florida if you come this way! :)
Shelly Schmidt said…
Beautifully done- love the beautiful pop of color you used with your DP. I had fun putting together another card from one of your card kits- I have been 'thinking' about putting them together for too long now. Blessings and looks like you are very organized in your packing, and the new room sounds fabulous!
Anne said…
I love the colour combos, background paper and ribbon corners! Superb! I adore the way that you have printed the image on textured paper, something I haven't thought of doing before....must give it a try! TFS!

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