Birthday Card

Today I made a fun birthday card for my Neice,  My sweet niece is an author and really interesting person, I think she might actually have her own set of wings!

I used a Gecko Galz Digital  Stamp and printed twice to create depth

I love these beautiful background collage -y stamps so versatile!

To hold my layers of heavy paper - I used paper temptress Kraft 100# - (it is on sale right now)

and to hold it all together, Best Glue Ever - just a tiny bit holds the heaviest weight papers and it also did a great job with the feathers.

If you enjoy using collage images and them coming out perfectly stamped, you will love using the Gecko Galz Background Stamps, another big plus, 40+ images - $6.00!
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


What an amazing card Ginny - love the glittery frock and the wonderful wings and feathers.
Robin said…
Nice!!!!!! Thank you xo

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