Saturday, June 2, 2018

Making a Fancy Card With The Best Glue Ever and a Freebie

Today I have made a very fancy card using unusual materials, I will show you the card and then share the process:

About 8 years ago a local store called the Final Markdown sold folio binder papers, 100 for $1.00  This was a faux leather finish 120# cover weight, 9x12.  It was really gorgeous, I bought at all that they had!  about 50 reams.  I sold it in my Maxam Made Studio shop, gave tons away and now I am down to the last 25 sheets.  Don't you just love coming across a great deal like that? I can't wait till the next one happens!

I made four of these cards using that paper on my Cricut.  I used the German carbide blade and the poster board setting.  I had expected the cutting to go just fine and it did.  What was more complicated was adhering the paper lace to the background cardstock with a polished finish and delicate lacework.  Using the tiniest amount of Best Glue Ever and the ultra fine writing tip I was able to precisely position the glue on the back of the lace and the background layer.  No glue squished out  - I can't stand when gluing blobs out and dries on a card front. 

                               I was also able to use BGE on this glitter ribbon, it held perfectly!

                                                       Glass glitter and pearls - no problem

                                    Using different papers and feathers - perfect hold!

                                            Having the best tools for crafting only makes sense when you consider time and effort you put into your art.  Glue is an Unsung and Unseen Hero-                                                            Just the way you want it to be! 

Thanks for stopping by and here is my freebie for you today! Digitized verse by Karen Murray


Ginny M


kiwimeskreations said...

Beautiful cards Ginny - that glue is amazing! And what a but that card was, and it looks wonderful. Thanks so much for the freebie

Catnip and Kitty Whiskers said...

Your cards are beautiful!!! Thank you for this lovely Bible verse! Such a wonderful digi image! :)

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