Where Maxam Made Studio is going

Hi everyone, Tomorrow is my last post as a Design Team Member 

I have left the design team world that I have been working in for the 7 last years and want to focus on the  Ministry of Encouragement through card making.

Along with my life with Steve I now have my mom living with us and 
I have taken on work outside the home approximately 30 hours a week doing private duty for seniors with various forms and levels of dementia.  It is very demanding and fulfilling.

And because I am not a spring chicken and because I want to enjoy the wonderful life and family I have been blessed with my blogging will take a lesser priority, I want to continue card making tips and tricks and share things about the ministry of encouragement and encourage you in yours by providing things for you at no cost - as I have in the past. 

My goal is to blog once a week and have a few fun images for you and a 
technique or showcase. 

To start this off, here are two printables for you that I have done for my card making ministry.  These are free for you to use and make cards to sell.

Thank you for stopping by and continuing the journey In Christ  with me
Ginny M


Your card ministry is wonderful, you are a compassionate care giver, your design team will I'm sure miss you. Thank you for the freebies.
Tara said…
Ginny you have always had such a loving and giving heart. Be blessed in this new and wonderful road ahead of you. These digitals are awesome. Thank you for all you've done and all you'll continue to do.
Shelly Schmidt said…
Many blessings will come from your work! My Mom has dementia and her journey is a struggle, so I know you are so appreciated! Many blessings on your card ministry as well. Thanks for the freebies- both beautiful!
Mary Holc said…
You are such an awesome woman of God! Many blessings to you!!
Ginny Maxam said…
Thank you Tara, So glad to have you as my friend these last 6 years!
Ginny Maxam said…
Shelly Many hugs to you and to your mom. One reason I am doing this is to be a blessing to the family members of those with these afflictions - it is Such a difficult path for so many reasons! Thank you for your kind words.
Ginny Maxam said…
Thank you Mary! I am enjoying getting to know you and I truly appreciate your support.
Beth Queen said…
Thank you for the freebies Ginny. You do amazing work and I know your team will miss you very much. Does this mean that you will no longer be on CCM?
Cathy said…
Ginny you are super amazing. I love your heart and they way you think and take care of others. It truly shows the loving heart of the Father/Jesus in you. Blessing Sweetie, hugs Cathy K
What a loving woman of God you are Ginny - your love for Him is reflected in your work and life. thank you for the freebies
Becca Sadler said…
Blessings as you continue to find different ways and avenues to share your love of God and card-making!

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