An Old Project for a New City

Spring is starting to peek its head out here in CNY,   and with the spring,  new projects.  I've put away the ink pads for awhile and pulled out my sewing equipment.  I love hand embroidering and many types of machine sewing.  My love for needle and thread was sparked by a local Craft Guild that meets x2 a month in the day time, making everything from quilts to cards. I was invited to make cards for troops and left thinking I must unpack my sewing things. So I did, I've spent two weeks reloading the craft room.  Picked up a few new (used machines) and I am ready to stitch and sew.

While in the midst of setting up I felt like I would really like to do the Heartstring quilts for homeless and needy in the Utica area.  And as these things work out I mentioned it to one of my friends who lives in Utica and she said  "I have just the contact, He is very involved with the homeless in the area and I know he would love to receive the quilts to distribute". And so my Project was born.

I put out this request on my FB page:

Steve and I are starting a quilt for the homeless and needy project, to my local family and friends - if you have any fabric, flat sheets, blankets, or curtains I can turn these into warm quilts for needy people in Utica. Just tag me and and let me know if you can help, I can pick up. If you are interested in sewing, let me know, all materials will be turned into kits that will be easy to make into quilts. In 2011 we made with the help of Crossroads Ministries 35 large quilts for the Springfield Rescue Mission. I use the Heartstring Pattern and can use just about any fabric.

I've had calls and texts saying I am cleaning out would you like these...  yes I would

So I've prepared a sorting center and will start cutting amn making kits, I have two people say they would love to sew.  

I'd love to share this with you all as it progresses

Here are two of the 35 quilts we made in 2011 - these are all scraps in these quilts.

If you are interested in learning more about Heartstrings method and mission - here is a link to the Blog:
I make these fairly large aprox 60"x80"

This weekend I am going to our Yearly Women's retreat and plan to work on a hand project  in between times but when I get back I am ready to roll on the heartstring quilts.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great day.
Ginny M


What a talented lady you are Ginny, and a compassionate one too. Pity i live too far away to be of any assistance.

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