My Little Needle Book and Sewing Machine Service Manuals

I've been working on a needle book swap for the last two months and have finally finished.  It's going in the mail to day.   I haven't been blogging much about this or anything else lately, I've had a wonderful summer of family and friends here and I'm learning to pace myself better. I'm learning at almost 60 to take better care of myself and I am relaxing (somehow) more.  I decided I was just one of the best at self induced stress.  Picking up the needle and hoop definitely slows me down, gets my feet up and helps me to enjoy the many, many blessings in my life. 

Here is the book:
This was supposed to be a crazy quilt needle book and somehow, it just developed a life of it's own and turned into surface embroidery 

Here is a picture a little less blurry.
A little thread painting and beading

 Interior is 4 pages of Black Merino Wool felt that I like to keep on hand for projects of all types.

For the interior support I used a cut to fit  5x7 bubble wrap envelop instead of book board.  the exterior was made with two Moda  pieces and some lovely cotton 60 wt thread.

To make this machine I tried out my new Vintage Elna Diva

This is my third one, this one I am keeping if I move again!

Here is #1 Sold in MA

#2 Sold in TX

I have an interesting story about #3 that I will share a little later that has to do with this:

If you like to work on machines or just work on a machine that you like, you might be interested in this up coming post.  Spoiler - this $4.99 service manual saved my at least $150.00 and and brought #3 in to original stitch work.  

I hope you are enjoying your summer and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Oh I love my Elna too - I started with a (third hand) very early (1950's) old green Elna Supermatic, and still have the Supermatic I bought in the early 1980's to replace it. I also bought my daughter an Elna Lotus to start her sewing on.
Loving your fabulously stitched needle book Ginny - that is stunning. I too am an expert at 'self stressing', and crafts help me relax too.
Glad you have had a wonderful summer of family and friends
Kevin Nelson said…
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