Wise Word and Bible Verse Digital for Your Card Making

 6 years ago I purchased Photoshop Elements and spent about 6 months learning it bit by bit, then I moved, lacked the time and forgot everything I learned. Last night when I was reading the word, I was really touched by a verse and it's application in my life and I wanted to digitize it so that I could make cards of encouragement and share the word. So I decided to open up PE and give it ago. I looked at the software and felt the brain fog descend. This Time I prayed and asked the Lord to help me, and you know what - He did! I am sharing three forms of it with you and I will put them in the scripture files. If you are a KJV-only person, keep scrolling, I understand - this is not KJV. The single you can make any size you like. I did the large as a card focal point and the small to work with your fav stamps. I hope you like this and will find it useful.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy these and while you are making- Ask the Lord for Wisdom and that your words be wise!
Ginny M


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