How to Cover a Bible Using Scrapbook Paper -Quick and Easy!

 I have a lovely original Scofield Bible published by Oxford Press back in the 1930s.  What makes it even more special it was given to me by my sweet friend Lauren!  I use this bible daily and while the binding, true to Oxford quality, is still in excellent condition, the cover needed a little first aid.  !  Another dear friend Holly sent me some lovely handmade paper.  I thought the two would marry beautifully!  I wanted to share the results with you all. 

Lovely paper and a beautiful card from Holly, these are 5 x 6 cuts

The Bible was given to  by Lauren.  You can see where the leather is dehydrated beyond what I can do to restore it - I did try.  Not bad for over 90 years old!

this is what I used to coat the Bible and glue the paper down and cover the paper in two coats

I buy it by the gallon on Amazon it is perfect for card making and very affordable!


I am going to put a scripture on the front cover when I decide which one!

 I cover the bible with a generous coat of glue, and then laid the papers over it.
I let it dry for about an hour.  This is really a form of Decoupage. 

I coated each side and let it dry, coated again and let it sit overnight.  I rested the open bible, text side resting on a coffee can while dried overnight.

This cover will last a long long time, I have been doing this to bibles in need of first aid for 2 decades!

The coat is very smooth and pleasant to touch, it dries hard and because it is made as a bookbinding product it is very flexable.  It feels and LOOKS like Faux leather.

Hope this is helpful for your bibles in need of a little TLC!  Of course have a favorite bible rebound it the best option, but due to cost, it can be prohibitive. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!
Ginny M


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