A Fun Bookmark Challenge and Our Women's Group at Lifepoint Church & Freebies

 Good Morning everyone, here in my corner of the world we are getting ready to wind up our Vacation Bible School.  I think it just gets better every year.  The VBS and walking with the Lord - This year I cooked for staff, 25ish adults a few teenagers, and a bunch of littles. I love this type of ministry, I think bringing people together at the end of their workday, and sitting down and having a good meal is just so solidifying.  The food wasn't fancy, just a good home-cooked meal on a larger scale, Diane is there working me, and Lauren made the best desserts.  I love my Church family and I love doing this every year.

  We also had a crafty challenge over at 'Christian Card Makers Group' to make paper clip bookmarks,  plus it's time to get ready for the upcoming year for our Women's Ministry, and then there is Sunday School. Add in work, a busy week for me.   

I am combing the last three things, as I am waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven for the first this!

I'm using the paper clip bookmarks as a handout for the Sunday Morning service as a reminder that the women's group will be starting up 

Finished item: 

50 of these

I started with Stamping 50 of my new Hobby Lobby Proverbs  27:9 stamp

Cutting up the bits

Assembling the bits

This little project only took a couple of hours and I did it after I came home from cooking.

For my Tween Sunday School Class craft, I will have the kids make their own, they will enjoy that.  I will have a bunch of things for them to use appropriate for their age group.

I put this together for our Women's group page

                                            I probably enjoy my graphic humor more than anyone else.                                           Hopefully, this won't keep anyone from coming!

I know It is the Word of God that truly changes lives and sets people free, it has been my lifelong passion to bring that Word any way I can to women and kids.

Here is the freebie I mentioned:

I just think this is a cool image!

and if you don't, here is a fun vintage fashionista :

Time for me to get the cookies out of the oven and do the food shopping!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting, Have a great day.
Ginny M


Beautiful bookmarks Ginny - you have inspired me!!
Thank you for the graphics - I love that vintage one, and your pun on the invitation is a great one.

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