My CHRISTmas Card This Year , a Tutorial and a Freebie.

 It is two days before Christmas and we are hoping to get on the road to Massachusetts before the storm blows in. I wanted to take a gift-wrapping break and put up a quick post about our card this year.   This year I made and mailed 120 cards.  I started them a few days day after we traveled to North Carolina (and came home) to be with our kids for Thanksgiving.  This was the first year since we moved to NY that I sent out a full list of cards.  Other years for whatever reason I just couldn't get with it to do it, Maybe losing our parents, starting a new job that was a little overwhelming, or other various family crises. Thankfully this year the "switch" was turned on and I got these cards done and enjoyed the whole process.  I love the picture cards we get from what seems like 75% of friends and family, but really, to me this ONE day a year should be about celebrating His birthday and sharing the Good News.  As my friend Miyuki perfectly put it; CHRISTmas!

One of the things I love about card making is the technical aspects of the creative process, which papers and inks work the best together, does the paper resonate and enhance the image, does the finished product convey what I am trying to say in this small 5x7 art format? Will it speak to the person I am sending it to?  Card making and sending (in my thought and prayer process) is 100% about the person receiving the card and what they will receive from it.  I try to be very purposeful.  

My Christmas cards are always Christ-centered
in one form or another.  This year I had 3 images I wanted to use;

This was the first image, for the card front

I tried several attempts and mediums for coloring

To be honest I thought the head of baby Jesus was a little weird looking - But I loved the rest of the image.  I tried this with 4 different inks, 3 types of paper, colored pencils, watercolors, alcohol markers, watercolor markers, and chalks.  And well No Bueno.

So I ditched that stamp and went very simple with the card.

This version came together so fast and was so much fun!

My choice of paper was the 5Below watercolor paper for the card face and base, I was looking for a letterpress look and feel to go with my images:

Each pad yielded  72 bases and 144 fronts, so I used 3 pads@ 15.00

I cut it with my bulk cutter, one pad at a time, so the cutting process took 15 miniutes! 

Scored the bases with a big and easy to use scoring machine

Picked my stamps and Hero India Ink

Worked on the layout

Created the card front
Then the interior

I made a few attempts until I got a just about perfect set of images.
Then I scanned them and then I printed and cut and glued 135 cards.

Angel descending right for the card front.  For the envelope, I had another angel descending left that I hand-stamped before addressing.  It took me two years to find these vintage stamps.  But they were well worth the effort.  And this is how I could make all these cards in less than a week.

I love combining technology and hand craftsmanship when I can, the paper was the real key I think to the appearance of this card. and it even weighed in under 1 ounce!

Of course, the real beauty was That Jesus, Our Redeemer, came for us and will come again.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your family and friends and offer Thanks and Praise to Jesus and Honor his Birthday.

Your freebie today, looks awesome printed on watercolor paper and colored with pencil and Gamisol.

Merry Christmas and May the Lord bless you!
Ginny M


LilArtsyWoman said…
I love the way you did this card and design. It really stands out. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work of art.
Cynthia said…
Your cards turned out beautifully, Ginny! The cardstock is so heavy and beautiful as well.
This is a stunning design Ginny, and the stamps are beautiful!! What a brilliant idea to scan and print to make multiples
This is the first year I can recall that I have not sent Christmas cards - the past four months have been real mojo killers for me with multiple health issues, so only essential (read birthday and 2 DT) cards have been made!
Like you, my Christmas cards emphasise Jesus.
thank you for the freebie, and for all the inspiration you provide
CHRISTmas blessings to you and yours

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