Just in Time for Valentines Day, Plus a Valentine Freebie

 Hi Everyone,  over at FaceBook, the Christian Card Makers Group is having a weekend challenge, this week, the challenge make a love card.  So I decided to make a few cards, I set the timer for an hour as I have other things to get done, pulled out my scrapes, and made my Digi Stamp. 

 I will have that Stamp for you as today's freebie! 

If you are interested, Here we go!

                                                                        My Digi Stamp, a couple decades ago I had this stamp in wood, it was a gem in my collection, but sadly I lost it in our house fire.  A few years later, I found the font on DaFont.com as a freebie!!!

some scrapes

The Stamp


I dip my blending brush into denature alcohol, and paint over a colored area - you never know how it will end up. 

A bleachy look in teh letter

Card #1

Card #2

Card #3

Card #4

Not traditional Valentine's Colors, But I like them!

and a little treat for me:
A new lightbox
, HooRay!

I am well aware of how awful my photos have been lately.  I am excited to play with this.

And My freebie for your card making and art:
In JPG format so you can adjust the size.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this digi stamp and try using your scraps, you will be surprised as to what will be made.
Have a Great Day,
Ginny M


Ohhh, thank you for this wonderful digi Ginny - I have similar (wooden) stamps, but they are difficult to line up as the rubber is not always straight on the block.
Loving you cards - they are stunning, and I love your colourways

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