Bible Journaling John 10:9 The Most Important Door.

 My Bible journaling for today is John 10:9                                                                                                      Jesus Said: I am the door: by me, if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.

This passage has been lingering in my mind all day; I shared it with the sweet 94-year-old that I care for several days a week. We talked about that door and how, when you look at it from afar, it seems very small and plain and nothing that you would run to and desire to enter.  It is not like Door Number One or Two or Three.  Even though plain, it is the most important door a person can pass through.

Here is the finished page, and I will share the process:

The digital is from Charlene Warwick's Art Doors of Hope.  Her work is truly beautiful and I am happy to share this link.  

I cut the doors open with an exacto knife

I used an image from the  'Beautiful' journaling series by Open Journey

I used T. Holtz Tea-Dye to distress the torn edges and then used a cellophane bag that happened to be on my desk to position the John 14: I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light directly on the steps leading to the door. It worked!  

I glued the Heaven image on the back of the door,

Wrote my thoughts on this verse

and finished - just had to add the date.

I hope you know this door well and come in and go out and find hope and your needs met for this life and your Eternity.
Thank you for spending a few minutes with me here on the blog'
God Bless you,
Ginny M




A beautiful journalling of the passage Ginny, and so delicately illustrated. Yes, I have passed through those doors... I was talking with someone the other day, and we both agreed that we are not afraid of death, or what comes after, but rather we are a bit apprehensive of the 'how' of death.. but if we truly trust God, we will be able to handle the 'how', no matter the process.

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