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  As my full retirement approaches ( next June), I will start up Maxam Sewing again.  Things will be a little different here in New York.  In CT, MA, and TX, there was an abundance of sewing contract work available, but there is just about nothing here in NY. I made a lot of masks during COVID-19, but after that, I had no subcontract sewing.   I plan to offer full-service alterations, upcycling, embroidery stitch kits, and my old standby sewing machine sales. I'll do that until Steve retires or the Lord comes!

One of the first things I am excited to offer is the  Stitch Kit,  Asian Song: Lots of fun goodies!  You can find it here on FaceBook.

I have a new embellishing machine for my upcycles. It is so much fun!

  I have waited for one of these to come my way at an affordable price for almost a decade! It didn't disappoint.  I am still at the bottom of the learning curve, but I will master it!! 

My machines are set up and ready to stitch!

An exciting time for me.

The Asian Song Stitch Kit
If you would like to purchase, please go here:

Thank you for stopping by

Ginny M. 


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