More than conquerors in this life !

I heard some very good news this morning from my friend in South Carolina, no she didn't mention it was 50 there and -10 here.  This  good news sparked something in my thinking and I wanted to share that with you along with the good news and wonderful photography.
The story starts here:
Part one
My friends Jane, Beth and Lori are all globe trotters.  they've gone all over the world.  While we were at dinner they were talking about trips and places and all I could think of was the time I got lost in Tiajauna. While they were talking, I was getting a little mad, mad at myself because a couple hours earlier I was thinking I was doing really good driving ALL THE way to the restaurant. I'm pretty sure that was 15 miles away in the next city.  Somewhere in their travel talk I realized I was shrinking my world, allowing little fears to create big walls.  They didn't notice, when Lori was talking about how bad the traffic is in Moscow and Beth how beautiful the Greece is and Jane how exciting Paris at night was, they didn't notice the little chick in the seat next to them breaking out of her shell!  That night I drove through the downtown and and went the long way Home..  That traveling fear had been creeping up into my life gradually, I've driven all over the country and not been fearful, it SNUCK up on me.  I decided I am not going to limit my world and I am not going to be afraid of the unknown I got into a physical limitation rut,  But I Got out of it!  I felt free and I felt fear less.
Thank you Jane Beth and Lori for inspiring me!

Part two:
I think women can easily fall into a creative rut, our bodies slow down, we gain weight loose mobility and start getting sedentary in out thinking and in our doing.  As A womens' ministry leader I see this all the time, it is like watching  women fall off a three foot cliff into a temperpedic kingsize bed,  they cant get up and then wonder why life is such a snore.
God Gave us talents and gifts, he gave us those to use, when the kids are grown and gone, it is still time to use them, maybe even more so.  If we don't use them we can become very suffocated, we understand that more clearly as depression. Mid life, 40+ I think should be the most creative time of our life and the time to enrich our lives and those around us.  A time to reap a little of what we have sewn in our younger years.  If you have physical limitations, you can still use your gifts, Teach, Reach, Love. those gifts do not need a strong body, just a determined heart.  These gifts in our lives play like a song and the Word says He will give us a song in the night, if you have lost yours, ask Him and he will help you hear it and play it again.  Get out of the creative rut!  Teach, Reach Love and have a great time in the process!  I have another friend Lori, and she has dealt with crippling health issues for the last decade, Her life has touched hundreds of women with courage and fortitude via the means of Cross Stitching.  She has been sending out packets of love and encouragement around the world. No matter what she has never giving up on giving of herself and teaching others.\
Thank you Lori for inspiring me no matter what my physical limitations might be!
Lori's Art:

Part Three:
My friend Pam  in SC was just selected as one of eight SC photographers for the SC State Park Artist in Residency for 2015!! Pams' life took major changes like many of ours have, Finding herself single in mid life, she built a business, raised and married her daughter and pursued her love of photography. All her hard work has paid off, and now she will enjoy a weeks stay at edisto State park, photographing wildlife. Her gifts will bless others yes, but by pursing her love/gift she is creating a very deep level of fulfillment in her life, and this will inturn grow great fruit. I think this is the way things should be. Pursuing our gifts using and exploring. We have been made to be creative beings, whether it is cross stich, photography or cooking or what ever your passion is, that is part of the gift within you!
Pam didn't say I wish I could, She did. She got out of the rut Life might have placed her in and found creative and lifetime freedom.

Thank you Pam for being an inspiration!

Pam has a open FB site here click and enjoy! Some of her lovely photos:

And this I couldn't resist, I saw the half heart and had to complete it

I'd like to encourage you to get out of your rut of 
Physical limitations
Creative Limitations
Life phase Limitations
be free and enjoy the gifts you have been blessed with, they are waiting for you !

Thanks you for stopping by
Ginny M


What a nice and inspiring post today, Ginny. We could all use more amazing women in our lives. Crystal
Jan Castle said…
Thanks so much for that Ginny....inspiring and motivating!!!
Paper Hugs,
Cindy said…
Ginny, thank you for reminding me of what is important! In our day to day challenges we often forget to appreciate the gifts God has given us and why... Thank you also for sharing samples of your friends' gifts too! Hugs!
Ah Ginny hard to imagine energy bursting you stuck in a rut.... Great post full of lovely thoughts...may we all learn from Him who is our Example too. Lv Shaz in oz.x

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