Creating a digital calling/ business card

I carry and give out business/calling cards on a regular basis.  I've had commercially printed cards but my favorite are the ones I make. This week when I attended a new church I didn't have one card to hand out to some of the people I met and would have liked exchange my information.  While I was sitting the pew the perfect design for me ( for this month) popped into my head.

I wanted a very simple and elegant card, I wanted to  make a visual statement. I wanted very little info on it: my phone number and my website.

For something like this the paper itself will have as much voice  as the image.  So I choose a 130# cold press watercolor paper.  Cold press will have a little less texture than hot press, and have a beautiful feel in the hand!

This paper is a lovely light cream color and the ink is super black - it has a toile look with  the  design.

I choose "The Journey" set from Graciellie Designs Just a note here, these designs are meant for personal use and not commercial printing operations.  If you are interested in a commercial license, contact Gracie!

I used a simple template in 'Publisher' 

Back fielding through some of their color choices and using my own fonts
I created this simple black and white
business card:

on teh water color paper, it came out perfect (for me) This nice heavy weight will make it easy to find and the image will make it easy to remember!

I choose the swallow, you might like a beautiful flower or set of wings!  With one of these beautiful images you can really make a statement about you!

Thanks for stopping by and Don't forget id you make a purchase from Graciellie Designs,
use the Ginny10 code for 10% off you order!

Ginny M


Thank you for sharing how you made this Ginny, and the info about the water colour paper is great.
Looks really great sis, a wonderfuf image to use for a calling card too.
Hugs Shaz.x

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