Sympathy cards and digital tips

Making sympathy cards is not one of my favorite cards to make. Because of that I seem to never have any on hand, you too? Today I made three cards using the same image.  I wanted to have some on hand for the next time I needed one.

The problem is three fold, Images, Sentiments  and Content.  Or What do I really want to say and how do I want to say it.  I would guess that is the crux of card making:  Expression.

 I know some card makers don't try to make a "statement" every time they make a card, but I do.  Maybe it is because I am a youngest child - the need to be heard!

Anyway I wanted to express hope  and that while there has been an earthly loss of love, the Greatest Love is everlasting and can be turned to and embraced by.  The Lord will always love us and that transcends all stages of life and death.  Under His wings there is love and peace,  we have shelter and protection.  So when I send a sympathy card, that is what I want it to say.  Especially when I really don't even know the deceased or their loved ones - that card can truly be a comfort!

I used this set from Graciellie Designs  to make three cards, I'll share those along with a few tips for your card making!

First one, clean and simple.  YOu know all that designer paper you have in stacks

and Stacks

Printing directly on your paper using digital images can give you a really beautiful card in miniutes!
the key is to make sure your pattern paper is not going to compete with your printed word and images!
here is the first card:

I also used black ink on the edges - this will help your top layer to really have more pop!

Printed directly on a soft patterned paper, I added a silver and charcoal mat backgrounds
Using quality papers makes a tremendous difference in the finished card - I can't stress that enough!

The second card is printed on designer paper and vellum

I lined the top sheet up with the bottom sheet and cut accordingly

Vellum can be tricky to cut, I use a rotary cutter that is nice and sharp - learn how to sharpen your cutters - it is a very worthwhile time investment!

I use a dot of lineco glue in each corner to hold the vellum to the printed paper 
I used a little distress ink on the edges after I glued the two images together and then used black on the edges.

Her is card #2

 Still quite thin and mailable but rich in texture and color!

Card # 3

Printing directly on Vellum:
 Printing on vellum allows you to heat emboss as long as you work fast.  If you don't heat emboss, give the ink a minute or two to dry before you start handling the piece.

Sizing to fit my printed paper

I used silk embroidery flat ribbon for an embellishment:
I ad a tiny drop of glue and then push the ribbon onto it  - give it a miniute to dry, your ribbons will stay put!

The vellum gives the image below a very soft gentle focused look.

I also added a bit of soft gray glitter for texture.

There they are three cards with a beautiful statement, these are for sympathy, but could be used for many other things too. 

Thanks for stopping by and if you purchase from Graciellie Designs, you can use this code for 10% off your purchases!  GINNY10

Have a great Day!
Ginny M


Greta said…
You are so creative--love every one of these!
Shelly Schmidt said…
I love all three of your cards! Your step by step pics are awesome!

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