Calendar cards!

Last year on my Facebook Group 'Christian Card Maker'  I issued a "resource" challenge - make cards from your daily desk calendar!  A whole bunch of us did this.  I still have card parts left in my stash so I decided to whip up a bunch of cards. I go through a lot of little note cards when I am putting packages together, sending cookies, you know, when you need a note but it doesn't need to be fancy.  These fit the bill perfectly.  I start with a purchase of A2 bases, you can get them at the big box stores on sale for 50 for $5.00 you can't go wrong at that price! I rarely make this size card, mine are usually A5, 6, 7.  so the small size was fun too!  For this project, I used lineco glue and pressed them under my bible, super fast and easy Here are the results in pictures:

And Just in case you are wondering: 
A few years ago I sent a calendar card in a swap and the woman who received it went after me, I had told her I had a written letter from Mary E from 1994 giving me permission.  She demanded to see it ( I lost it in our house fire in 2002) so she trashed me on several groups, She then  went to Mary's FB page and made such a ruckus, she even challenged Mary saying I altered the image - I put glitter on the little girl's hair bow.  So Mary put this notice on her page.  So now you too can fearlessly recycle your ME calendars!  Oh the drama of a an everyday card maker!

So I hope this inspires you to recycle your sweet calendars, these 32 cards took very little time to make!
Thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M 


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