Leftovers and a freebie

On my FB group Christian Card Makers,  I have a Thursday challenge called 'leftover night'.  The point is to use up what is in that scrap paper basket!  I make a lot of cards for DT work and for selling, I tend to generate a lot of leftovers ( may of these include beautiful papers from Paper Temptress - I want to use every bit!!, and this little challenge helps me use up these papers get a few more cards made.

I'm also still putting the "Best Glue Ever" through its' paces.
The bottle has a stand-up cap, I've made about 200 cards with this bottle and I am down to my last 1/3'rd

 I am trying to dump my drawer of adhesive products and find ONE glue I can afford and recommend to my students in card making classes -  that they can afford and have success in using!  With this batch, I used fabric, metal, and plastic elements - and 24 hours later they are holding - BGE was the only adhesive I used.  Another important factor, 24 hours later and the cards are beautifully flat and flexible.  Cards being stiff as a board and or warped can be a real problem with glue - you probably know that already!  I'm hoping to get to a crop next month and I would love to only have one adhesive to bring!

Here are my cards:
This is the basket of leftovers I started with:
 I used  Heavenly White # 120 for bases (paper temptress is offering 10% off!)  - Even though these are "leftover cards" I still use premium base papers- that make a world of difference in your finished product- The last thing I want is for these cards to look like a scrap card- if you put your art on  cheapo paper- you will end up with a card that looks cheapo!  These cards are going into Heart Line ministries to cheer people, the cards need to be as awesome as possible!

 " Leftovers " is a fun event on CCM. It is a fun way to spend a few hours and get a batch of cards made.  If this interests you leave a comment and I will send you an invitation - it is a group with a purpose!

Here's my freebie for you today, I love to leave yo a little gift for stopping by to help you in your craftiness!

Here is a lovely Rosehip,

Thanks for stopping by
Ginny M


Tracy said…
Absolutely beautiful cards, Ginny.
I'm sure that they will bring joy & comfort to many.

And, thank you for the wonderful freebie.
Esther Asbury said…
Wow! What beautiful cards from leftovers!! I save leftovers too, and often most of my card is made from the "scrap basket."
ScraPerfect said…
We are so thrilled you like the Best Glue Ever and appreciate the glowing endorsement!

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Penny said…
Beautiful cards, and a great glue!
Greta said…
What a great assortment of cards! You sure made good use of your left-overs!
What an amazing lot of cards Ginny - love them, and some of them are quite dramatic!! Thank you for the freebie.

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