Robins Quilt Block and a fun freebie!

My sister Robin is a master quilter, what she can do with needle and thread and with the speed she does it, is simply amazing!  Robin posted a picture of one of her quilt blocks on Facebook and of course, it went into my feed, and I thought wow,  I'd love to make her a card with the photo of the block!  So I grabbed a copy and "digitized" it.

Isn't this pretty?

working the scale on my Publisher program 

For my printing paper I used 80# White Diamond by Paper Temptress.  I choose this paper because it has a pearly luster similar to polished cotton and I know it will grab the ink and hold it with a perfect crispness - no ink bleeding!

Right now space in my craft room is at an all time premium and I have only one sewing machine available, thankfully is such a wonderful sewer and looks great too!  My vintage Singe 301A long bed, it is in almost mint condition and it  sews perfectly, a great quilting machine too!

I did a few test stitches  to check length and how it would work with the paper
If you haven't tried sewing  on your cards and other paper crafting - Try it!!

Using 24tex thread and a #11 needle, I sewed on the "seam" lines
you can see every detail of the fabric/photo.  This is printed on a cheapo $59.00 printer. Using really good paper makes a huge difference!

you can see just a bit of the pearl in this lower right corner
This was really very fun!

My finished card I mounted on Midnight Blue Classic   and used the same for a base.

Here it is!

I can't wait to get this card in the mail, my sister will be so surprised!
Thanks for stopping by and check out Paper Temptress for really stunning papers that are affordable!
Ginny M
and if you would like to try this card, I'm sure Robin won't mind sharing the digital form!


Beth Queen said…
Oh my, your card and her quilt block are both beautiful. Awesome talent here. Love both.
Wow to the quilting sister, wow to you, Ginny. You are both so talented. Thanks for sharing your work.

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