Sketch Challenge and a freebie

I host a Sketch challenge every Monday on my Christian card makers group, I design the sketch and then members make a card and the names of the participants go into a random draw.  The winner gets a nice little packet of supplies to make a few more cards with - Fun!  Well this weeks sketch was a challenge, I am not sure what I was thinking when I made it up, as my friend Pam said "It's just weird"  She was right!  You are welcome to try it - good luck!

here is the card:

Here is the Sketch:

after looking at this sketch I thought I'd use some bits from my scrap basket and a pad I bought 4 of to make kits with. I think I am very influenced by seasons- I bought these in the dead of winter and the bright strong colors really appealed to me.
  Now  that it is summer, I want to do everything in red and Aqua......
What I used

I also used Best Glue Ever and bits of Transfer Foil - because the paper needed more color I guess? 
and the card:

This photo really doesn't do the gold foil justice, it really brought this whole card together!  In the quilting world there is an old saying - 'no such thing as ugly fabric' - I work with my friends making scrap quilts for homeless and I'd see where they could use donated fabrics that were pretty hideous and put it next to a piece and the whole thing would sing - it was amazing!  I felt like the gold foil in this card did the same thing.  Otherwise, it might have ended up in the circular file.  Now I am very happy with it!   I'm sure you have card making experiences like this too, it is one of the things that is so fun about our craft (and quilting too)!

Here is a pretty little butterfly for you!

Have a Great Day and thanks for stopping by!
Ginny M


Oh what a beauty Ginny - love your finished result, and your gilding is certainly the element that unites the various elements. Thank you for the freebie :-)

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