How to get really great prints of digital stamp on your fancy papers!

A few weeks ago I posted about using my Embelli Gelli while making a vintage card.  In that post I used a "chalkboard " digi, the first print did not turn out well.

The owner of the Scraperfect Company    contacted me and said, "There is a way to fix that problem", watch this video:  

I have to admit, I was very skeptical about it and I was concerned  about my printer cartridge head - I did not want anything getting on it and causing problems
  But I am all about doing things better so I thought I can at least watch it!

So Since I have the Perfect Crafting Pouch and use and love it all the time for heat embossing, I thought well I can at least give it a try!

Well, I was impressed and my cartridge was fine!

I simply rubbed my pouch over the paper


Not too bad, but still not what I want on my cards


I did not alter these photos in any way.
so you know What I will be doing when I do these dense images!

Holding all these textured layers:
Best Glue Ever works on everything!
glitter, mirror, glossy papers.

Here is a recap on the Perfect Craft Pouch pouch"

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found this helpful, I fully endorse the products of the companies I design for, I won't work for them unless their products work for me!  I love sharing the good stuff with my readers - to help you spend the green stuff on the best stuff!
Ginny M 


A dramatic difference!! I wonder if an 'ordinary' antistatic pad would 'work'.. I have never seen that paed here.
Cynthia said…
What an amazing difference this product made. I love how you've used this digital sentiment as well. Hope the home project is going well!

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