Happy ThanksLiving From My Family To Yours!

It is a wonderful day here, turkey cooking, baby and great grandma napping,  daughter  here, son and family on their way.  Six inches of snow, plenty of oil in the tank, the cars start, the power is on and life is good , we are so thankful for every blessing. Thankful  for a country we can worship freely in, for a wonderful church family, for a life that is overflowing in Joy.  All because of Jesus Christ and His Grace and Mercy.  My pastor said this weekend Thanksgiving needs to be a life style not a day - Thanks Living, so very true.  I hope you are having a blessed day and no matter what your circumstance in life today are, The Lord Jesus Christ died for you so that you can be free from this life of a sin cursed world  and spend eternity with him.  Look for him and you will find him - he is the truth, the life and the way. He will lead you and guide you with tender loving care.

Thanking you for taking a moment and stopping by,
Ginny M


Marsha said…
AMEN. Happy Thanksgiving Day to you. And thank you for all your inspiration and freebies too.
Truth well spoken - I hope you have had a wonderful day Ginny

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