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One of the members of my Christian Card Makers FB group has asked the group to send her cards as she is part of a church comfort team aiding the California fire victims.  The group is putting together care packages for the families that are displaced due to the fires.  Having lived through the process of loosing  your home to fire and being displaced I was more than happy to make a few cards to send to her.  Words cannot describe what you go through emotionally. In those first few days you do not think oh I lost my china, or my favorite jeans, it is I wish I could take a tylenol and brush my teeth. No tylenol, no toothbrush, no clean underwear, no Thompson Chain reference bible with 20 years of notes-it is a empty motel room with the thoughts of, where do I begin.
Our lives rebuilt very quickly, we had people praying for us and helping in every way.  I am praying for these families and honestly I just can't imagine what so many are going through all at once.

I'm including a digi that I did up, for you to use

Here are  my cards and the process - these were made in an hour to get them in the mail fast. I wanted them to be understated and I will write a personal message.  I know they may go in the trash - but in that moment, I just want to say - I am praying for you.

Only two sheets of paper on pre folded bases for these A2 size cards

Base sheet 5.25 x4 with marker liner

Interior sheet was cut for each card - I used a sheet made for scrapbooking - it had words on it.  I wanted the predominantly white background.

Your gift Today:

In multi

Thanks for stopping by and please remember the thousands of people right now as they are working on putting their lives back together. Most of them are just like us.

Ginny M
A foot note: 
After my first posting I was alerted by Melissa that my digi stamp had an error.   Thank you so much Melissa! So I fixed the error, and while I was at it I changed the 'sending' to 'praying' - reprinted, added to the cards and retook the pictures and then updated my shared social media, So glad I was alerted! 


Holly said…
Thank you Ginny! These cards are gorgeous! I know they will show love to many!

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