A Delicious Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Egg Free Bread

I have a nice bread to share with you and a tip on making things more efficient in your kitchen. 
Making artisan breads and pastas was at one time a favorite thing of mine to do.  Currently because of food allergy issues that is completely out of the question.  It has just been this week that I have tried making a bread and of course the cookies in my last post.  It has been over a year since I have made or eaten either one - A Year!!

On Monday , I made bread and it came out so awful I think it made the freezing cold birds out side gag. When you see a crow drop something you know it is bad. 

My Morning started at 6:00, Max ( our new doggie) snuck into my mothers bedroom and tried to get on the bed. He was halfway on it, I put him in a headlock and dragged him out - my mother missed the whole drama, sound asleep.   I sat down to do my devotion and he fell asleep on my feet.
 I keep Max out of the cooking area , but he keeps my feet warm while I am reading at the table.

This morning I had better luck, I pulled out my Pam's bread flour and 
her recipe for a basic gluten free loaf. 

Here is the recipe, it is also on the internet

I substituted the  egg with Chia Seeds : 1TBS Chia +2 TBS H2O 
I also added an extra  3/4 Tsp of salt.
Following the recipe for the bread machine everything to go as it should.
The bread rose and had a great aroma.

I've had a lot of bread machines throughout the years, my favorite ahs bee the Cuisinart
I've had this on 5+ years and I have made a lot of bread with it.

If you have used a bread machine you know especially with gluten free breads, a lot can go wrong between start and finish - tyhis seemed to be working well.

Nice color and texture

It is a small dense loaf that was baked on the  2LB setting

This gread came out so yummy, I decided to dry can  premixed batches.

That way, all I had to do was add the liquids when I wanted another loaf

Dry canning with a vacuum food saver it actually pretty fun!  I do this for a lot of my pantry dry goods. and pre mixed batches - yesterdays cookies went into premixed batchesd too.  
I like using the wide mouth jars and plan on only 4 cups of dry mix fitting in the jar.

I pout my Chia seeds on top, I will scrape them into the liquid when the time comes.

Using a tool for making sauerkraut, I tamped down the mix to give me the need 1" headspace for the canning procedure 

 I do this on my range top - I have very limited counter space.

I write out labeled with the needed liquids

and when I am done I have enough to last me at least a month!

If you are allergy plagued and need a slice once in a while give this a try, I think you will find it satisfying!

And last and least, supervising from the living room on Max's spot - Gerard watches and soaks up the sun on this cold New York Winters day.
Thanks for stopping by,
Ginny M


What yummy looking bread Ginny. My SIL is also gluten and dairy free, so will send the link to my daughter. They don't have a bread maker so I am not sure if they will use it, but she will be interested.

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