Friday, March 1, 2019

Whole Foods and Continuing Your Education. Safe Canning is the Only Way to Preserve Food.

From my kitchen yesterday 

 Beautiful Black Bean and Corn Salsa  and Clementines.

This Salsa is a family favorite.  Producing it was also a project for me and something I want to share with you all especially if you are new to canning.

This salsa was my third batch, 
My first batch was made and canned perfectly - then I remember I forgot to add the vinegar - I was on the phone and got distracted. If I had had a PH meter this might not have been such a big deal - as long as the Ph was under 4.6 It would have been okay.  This was canned using the  Boiling Water Bath method. I emptied every jar, dumped it back in the pot and re processed - better safe than sorry.
Batch #2 was done and canned up beautifully.  
Wait, I networked with a few canning friends (Via a FB Group) about this, and the should I or shouldn't I reprocess.  One of the commenters said "hey, you can't Water Bath corn or beans! My alarm bells started ringing and I though OMG I know that!!  I got so excited over the flavors and convenience of this Salsa I forgot a Basic Rule.
So I am sharing this with you because mistakes happen, I am really good with pressure canning and dehydration - Water Bath is new to me, My mistake could have been deadly.  Maybe not, some rebel canners say it would have been fine.  Personally I never want to take that chance!  For More information about Botulism.  If you are new to preserving food read this!

I started with pressure canning because I wanted to make sure my food was always safe.  I have spent three days reading and taking notes on water bath canning, I found printed sheets and made copies from my canning books, after educating myself more, I feel confidant again. I also have a $19.00 Ph meter on its way!  I am also working on becoming certified to teach food preservation - I feel this is so important for health - I want to help everyone I can!

I feed a lot of people in different ways and I have a professional food service history - safe and clean is always a priority. 
 I have also had food poisoning from other kitchens that did not have the same standard. I would Never want to put anyone through that!

My purpose in canning and preserving food is two fold; 
#1 HEALTH.  I have autoimmune issues and so do many people I love, I want us all to be healthy and happy.  Food is medicine. 
I am so much healthier than I was 25 years ago- I was a train wreck!

    #2 Being PREPARED  for an emergency - whether is is a snow storm or a job layoff- no matter the emergency we will still need to eat.  Because of my health issues I HAVE to eat very specifically- maybe that is your situation too.  If it is you need to have a plan if there is a family emergency.  

My family depends on me to have these ducks all lined up!

I have spent a lot of time reading and learning and will continue to do so- I buy cook books that will help me nu8ture my family and myself.  I know this is a small, small amount of cook books, many of my friends have thousands.  I took a different route- I learned how to cook to meet my families nutritional needs.  I can't eat 95% of the SAD. Nor do I want to. I gave away 95% of my cook books -I had a few hundred.

When Steve was diagnosed with cancer in 2012, I changed the way we ate completely - I have always been a whole foods cook - but that means a lot of things and not all of them are healthy.

I focused on tailoring a food system that would meet our needs and it was a good thing because in 2016 my Immune system tanked.  I was ready, I did the hours and hours and hours of reading that it took to figure out how to get my system back on track - it has taken 3 years of tweaking. 
I say that because my/your health is worth everything you can do to get it on track.

You must be your own advocate.

Tomorrow, I have a post about my Canning Kitchen and some of the tools I use.
Thanks for stopping by and please, with any food handling please be safe! 
Ginny M

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