How to Use Scrapbook Pads with Photo Papers and Two Freebies.

Hopefully, you have had a day that has included Worship, Word, rest, and maybe a little creative time! 
After a busy morning and afternoon, I decided to work on a challenge card for The Christian Cardmakers Group on Facebook. This weekend's challenge was to make a masculine cards in a color palette of grays, whites, and browns.  I love these colors, so many shades, and a real opportunity to bring in texture.  I thought I would share my card with you and the process.  I also have two freebies for you today!

Here is my card:  I actually made two.

I love buying the big stacks of paper made (I think) for scrapbooking.  I use my pads for card making only - I don't scrap.

You will often find some very cool photos in these pads and I love using them in cards
the strong images can really be a wonderful setting for a verse or sentiment. 
I think the whole trick to this is finding the best area to serve as a backdrop, it may on be one image a sheet - but that is okay because chances are your eye will gravitate to the most exciting area

Here are a few  cards I have done in the past with photo pages:

you can add sentiments or directly print on them with your inkjet printer. I always do a proof print with tracing paper to make sure I have my lettering in the correct position. This technique isn't for everyone and If you don't like experimenting - just add a sentiment like I did with today's card.

I have a large collection of 12x12 paper pads that chopped down to 6x6 and stored and organized with an index.  I did this about 10 years ago ( where has the time gone) and it has bee a terrific way to manage my paper.  Even after moving this across country three times, it has held up and been really useful.  Her is a drawer with #'s 50-54 in it.  According to my index I would find colors in the range I was looking for in the #50 file.

I found these two pictures - perfect!
I cut the images, to the correct size and edged them in black. 

Pulled a A verse from my printed verse file and a matching label frame that I had saved from a previous project, edged it in black.

I placed all the layers together on a textured Charcoal base and added a little rayon fiber.

If you have some of these photo papers and are shy about trying them, with cardstock create a cut out of the size card that you want to make and move it over the image until you "frame" a part that pops for you and then go ahead and cut.  It is really a lot of fun!

For your card making  stash:

A photo to try this out 

And from Karen Murray and Word Art Wednesday

Thank you for stopping by and I hope for many blessings for you this week!
Ginny M


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