How to Make a Quick Slimline Bible Verse Card, Links, a Tip and Freebie

Happy Friday Everyone, A beautiful day here in CNY and I am about to head outdoors but before I do I wanted to share a super quick card making Idea.  
In my Digital files, I have a wonderful folder of bible verses illustrated by various artists. I do lots of handouts for Sunday School and other church-related things.  I also leave some of these beautifully printed scriptures on tables in restaurants ( With a good tip! Someday I will share the story of a pastor who brought 18 people to dinner on a Sunday and left his waitress - a 19-year-old me- a tract and no tip!). Actually, I will leave these anywhere I can.  But today I made cards with bookmarks.

The latest trend seems to be the slimline card; 4.00" x 9" in a business-size envelope.  

Here's the set of Cards:

I cannot seem to find the designer of the bookmark I used, but if you go here to Etsy you will find many wonderful designers

Here is my Tip for the day;  We all seem to end up purchasing numerous cutters until we find one we are happy with, Well this was one of the ones I liked but because I do so much cutting and use CS 120# + this was not practical. I decided this could be solution to scoring this heavy cardstock - especially for my card kits.  The kits require a lot of cutting and scoring.  I had a commercial heavy-duty thing a few years ago, but you know, half the time the scores did not come out right. Very frustrating to spend $120.00 on something and it never worked right.  I have had as many scoring tools as cutters! 

I cut my sheet 8x9 and center scored

I pulled from my stash a pad I recently purchased- Bright pretty colors

Cut the background paper 3.5"x8.5"
The offcut will be paper for a bookmark

Printed my Digital sheet
I was not paying attention to the printing preview and did not adust sizing so the first batch came out very large.  You can see the corrected version next to it.  I will use the "giant print" size for cards going to nursing home residents.

These cards took no more than 10 minutes to make altogether! 
Thanks for spending a few minutes here with me, 
I hope you have a great day and here is a freebie for you!

Ginny M 


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