It has been a BUSY month since I have last posted, with so many planned postings that never got posted, sigh.  Well it is a new day so here's the new post !  I had a card party on Friday, Six friends came over for soup salad and card making for Operation Write Home!
We were able to make 90 cards!  I have more kits to finish before I mail them to my shipper.
Earlier in the, actually for valentines day, my Sweetheart
Steve Purchased and electronic die cutting machine for me, and eCraft by Craftwell.  He got tired of watching me crank out stuff from my grandcalibur machine and ducking as the machine sometimes shot stuff out and sent it sailing!  I am using the GC for embossing now and the eCraft for cutting.This machine is very interesting,   I have cut about 500 labels for card making and have managed some interesting die cuts , But alas this is a new product and I am working with one of the best customer support groups ever and hope to have issues resolved soon.  It cuts like a plotter printer prints.  It interfaces with your computer and operates as a stand alone.  Using a SD card or readying SVG files through it's own software.  The possibilities are unbelievable and the cost is very affordable.  I have been looking at electronic machine for about 6 months and this would seems to be the best bang for the buck by far.  Just needs to have a little software tweaking!  I will be posting more on this as I continue to work with it.
Any one else looking forward to spring?  ~Ginny M


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