Speedball stamp press

Speedball Stamp Press   
Have you ever heard of one?  Have you seen one?  Chances are likely that you haven't! Way back in one of my High School art classes we used something a little simpler  for our linoleum block presses, it worked great!     Back in November I decided I needed to try and find a small press for my rubber stamping.  I have a ligament injury in my hand and short of standing on top of my stamps I was having a difficult time getting good images consistently.  I love Magenta stamps and have a nice collection of them, but they are usually mounted on very thick wood blocks, that thickness makes it hard for my to hold an put pressure on. 

The press and stamping area are 8x10
When the press is not in use it only requires about 4" over vertical storage area
To find this gem I just went to Mr. Oz, I mean google and typed in speedball stamp press and there were a few options that came up, including the website "BonniesBest".  I choose my vendor and purchased the press, had it in a few days and I use it all the time now.  I almost can't not use it when I am stamping if you know what I mean.  Here are a few photos of the press in my world:

When the pressure plate is up the handle is 11" tall.  So this is a smallish gizmo, I even tuck it my tote when I go to stamp camps! 
For placement accuracy of stamping images, I put my paper down with the stamp on it to make sure I'v got as much balance of pressure on the stamp as possible.  When I find that "sweet spot" I put a post it on the foam pad .  With each image I just put the paper above it, ink the stamp place it on the paper,
 pull the lid down, give a little push of pressure, lift the block (all stamps work with this) and I have my image, I can do hundred, with about 90%  success.  Rubber Stamping isn't rocket science, BUT it is a trick getting repeated good images! Good ink disbersment, clean lines, centered, no smearing...
So I think this is one of those tools, that really is worth the money. There is a 5 minute learning curve, easy to store, you can't hurt your self and it will last decades.  The foam pad might need to be replaced at some point, but I can't foresee that being any kind of problem.

My Ecraft machine Shipped back to the factory yesterday.  to be repaired or replaced!  So sad seeing it go, but I am hoping to have it back next week .  This is a great machine, mine I think was a lemon.

In another blog I will have another tool to talk about , This is supposed to be the best cutter on the planet: and the price tag to go with it!  Except for mine, mine was a 32.00 total (the 12" sells for 296.00,  16"- 396.00!!!!)   it may be here today or tommorow.

Have a great Day!


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