His Banner over me is Love

I finished the adult valentine cards this morning, it is 3am here! 
I wanted to get this post up  before my busy day started, if I didn't do it now,  I might not get it out there!
The bases are 100# solar white and they are the A6 size
I am pleased with how they came out.
The most important Love letter is the Letter of Love written by our Creator and Redeemer and He says to Us from Song of Solomon: The Song of the Bride
"He has taken me to the banquet hall, and His banner over me is love."
This is the song of the believer, "His banner over me is Love".
The very first time I read that was in 1980, a time in my life when I had felt very unloved.  I was 20 and far away from home.  But The Lord knew exactly where I was and He knew that I needed to Know, I was Beloved.
His banner of Love over me, has stayed in place now for 32 years.
He  says to all, Come to me and my Banner over you shall be Love.
What will your anwser be?
Make time to pick up The  Bible and read the Gospel of ST. John, if your allow the words to enter your heart, your life will be changed now and for eternity.
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!
Ginny M.


Anne said…
Ginny these are wonderful! I love the colour scheme and textures! Such an amazing scripture too, it's sometimes hard to comprehend! I guess I'd better a valentine card....! You amaze me how you make so many....wow! Beautiful work, TFS! Now, GET SOME SLEEP! xxx
wow these are really amazing Ginny you make me feel breathless with your pace of work on these gorgeous creations.. rather smiled at Anne saying - now get some sleep!! :D

oh and certain card from you arrived today all the way to Oz - bit ahead of the day so had my sister look and see if it was a birthday card??
So thank you dear friend and will adore it on the day from what my sister said of it.

Yes isn't it wonderful to know that He is my Beloved, and I am His.

I am His!! .. amen what a comfort strength and help in time of need,
love Shaz.xx

PS I taught Song of Solomon to our ladies group once and read it through every day,( ie seven times in the weeks) that I was teaching it - only eight short chapters but still it really gives you such a good overview!!

I really think this busy world causes us to loose sight of how precious this WORD is that we are allowed to read so freely. A privilege that is.
Robyn said…
Ginny, I visit at the suggestion of Shaz. So glad she shared. blessings and BTW your work is beautiful!!
Maxam Made said…
Hi Shaz, I could't agree more! No wonder the Word say we are brought into his Marvelous light! Now we can see, see truth, see beauty, see real love, and so much more!!!! Thank you for your kind words! xoxoxo
Maxam Made said…
Welcome Robyn!! So Glad Shaz invited you!! Thank you for your kind words! Abundant blessings to you too!!
Maxam Made said…
Thank you Anne! This is the first year I've made a batch of valentines in a decade!! I should have thought of it sooner, then yours would be on time!!!! xoxoxox

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